Aircraft Lavatory Carts

Aircraft lavatory carts assist in the sanitary removal of wastes from the aircraft along with replenishing the sanitizer fluid. Lav carts have separate tanks setup for waste fluid and sanitizer fluid. The carts also have specialized couplers on the hoses that connect to the aircraft for waste removal and sanitizer refill.

We are a global supplier of new, used or refurbished aircraft lavatory carts.
We offer a vast selection of servicing carts to service corporate, regional, and airline aircraft.

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Small Carts

View our small portable and towable carts for use in the corporate hangar environment or FBO.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 10-4036-0001Tronair10-4036-0001Complete with Hoses / Couplers - 31 Gallon Dump, 15 Gallon Fill Tanks - Small Lavatory Cart
Tronair 10-4036-0010Tronair10-4036-001031 Gallon Dump, 15 Gallon Fill Tanks - Small Lavatory Cart
Tronair 10-6408-0000Tronair10-6408-0000Lav Service Cart - Electric Fill Pump - 31 Gallon Waste / 15 Gallon Fill Tank
Tronair 10-6409-0000Tronair10-6409-0000Lavatory Service Unit (Ce) - 30 Gallon Waste / 25 Gallon Fill Tank
Alberth LC1616AlberthLC161616 Gallon Dump / 16 Gallon Fill Tank
Aero 001657Aero00165735 Gallon Waste Tank / 28 Gallon Fill Tank
Medium Carts

View our medium sized lavatory carts for use in the the corporate hangar environment, FBOs, or airlines.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 10-6402-0010Tronair10-6402-0010Manual Pump, 68 Gallon Dump / 31 Gallon Fill
Tronair 10-6410-0000Tronair10-6410-0000Lavatory Service Unit
Tronair 10-6412-0000Tronair10-6412-0000Electric Pump, 68 Gallon Dump / 31 Gallon Fill
Aero 001656Aero001656
5.0/5.0 customer rating
Electric Lav Cart - 35 Gallon Dump Tank / 28 Gallon Fill Tank
Aero 2002439Aero200243968 Gallon Dump Tank / 36 Gallon Fill Tank - Hand Pump
Large Carts

View our large lav carts for use in big corporate flight departments, large and busy FBOs, MROs, and airlines

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 10-6401-0010Tronair10-6401-0010136 Gallon Dump, 68 Gallon Fill - Manual Fill Pump - Lav Cart
Tronair 10-6411-0000Tronair10-6411-0000Electric Lavatory Cart - 136 Gallon Dump / 68 Gallon Fill
Additional Items
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair10-8049-0010Lavatory Service Unit
Tronair10D4036-0010Lavatory Service Unit

Used Available

Stinar SLC-300
Used Large Lav Cart - 180 Gallon Waste / 150 Gallon Fill
Replacement Parts and Accessories for Your Lav Cart

We help with replacement parts for your lav carts.

Tronair k-2029
Wye Dump Connector Kit - Wye Type Connector / 5' Hose
Aircraft Lav Cart Fill Connector
Fill Coupler for Lav Cart
Lav Cart Dump Hose
5' Waste Hose and Straight Dump Connector
Aircraft Lavatory Cart Parts
Aircraft Lavatory Cart Parts