Aircraft Potable Water Carts

We supply new, used, or refurbished potable water carts and adapters to refill water onboard an aircraft. We offer multiple options to service corporate, regional, and airline aircraft.

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Small to Medium Carts

View our selection of small to medium size potable water carts featuring electrical pumps. These carts work well for corporate flight departments, FBOs, and other small operations.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 19-4305-0000Tronair19-4305-0000Potable Water 31 Gallon (Ce) - No Heater - Electric Fill Pump
Tronair 19-4306-0000Tronair19-4306-0000Potable Water 31 Gallon (Ce) - Heater - Electric Fill Pump - 60 HZ Input Voltage
Tronair 19-4310-0000Tronair19-4310-0000Potable Water 31 Gallon (Ce) - Heater - Electric Fill Pump - 50 HZ Input Voltage
Alberth WC20AlberthWC2020 Gallon Towable Potable Water Cart
Alberth WC30AlberthWC3030 Gallon Aircraft Potable Water Cart
Large Carts

View our selection of larger sized aircraft water carts featuring electrical or gas engine pumps. These carts work well for larger corporate flight departments, large and busy FBOs, MROs, and airlines.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 19-4301-0000Tronair19-4301-0000Potable Water 100 Gallon (Ce) - Electric Fill Pump - No Heater
Tronair 19-4303-0000Tronair19-4303-0000Potable Water Cart - 100 Gallon - Heated
Tronair 19-4311-0000Tronair19-4311-0000Cart, Potable Water 100 Gl (Ce)

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Water Cart - 230 Gallon - Gas Engine