Aircraft Towbars - Used and New

We sell new and used towbars to reposition aircraft in a hangar or on the ramp. The most common towbar on the market is a multi-head towbar. The multi-head units allow operators to change the head attachment to accommodate multiple aircraft by using a single towbar. Custom and portabe specific aircraft towbars are available too.

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Multi-Head Towbars

These towbars require heads to safely attach and move an aircraft with a tug.

ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 01-1201-0010Tronair01-1201-0010
Multi-Head Towbar - Tow up to 75,000 lbs (CE)
Tronair 01-1201-0011Tronair01-1201-0011Multi-Head Towbar (CE) - Tow up to 75,000 lbs
Tronair 01-1202-0000Tronair01-1202-0000Tow up to 66,000 lbs (CE) - Multi-Head
Tronair 01-1270-0010Tronair01-1270-0010Tow up to 125,000 lbs (CE)
Tronair 01-1290-0100Tronair01-1290-0100Towbar, Multi-Head (Ce) - Hydraulic - Tow up to 125,000 lbs
Tronair 01-1376-0000Tronair01-1376-0000Towbar - Bell 525 Rotorcraft
Tronair K-4187TronairK-4187Towbar Head Adaptor - 500 Series Heads - For use on 01-1270-0100 Towbar
Tronair K-4929TronairK-4929Towbar Extension - 48"
Clyde 15F2515Clyde15F2515Quick Change / Multi-Head Towbar - Boeing 727, 737, 757, and Airbus A320, A300
Portable / Portable Snap-Bak / Snap-Bak Towbar / Universal
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 01-1109-0010Tronair01-1109-0010Snap-Back / Portable Towbar - King Air Beech 99, C-12, Queen Air, U-21, SJ30-21
Tronair 01-1112-0010Tronair01-1112-0010
4.0/5.0 customer rating
Portable Towbar - Learjet, Cessna aircraft, Citations, Aero Commander, Turbo Commander, Mooney, Aerostar, Navajo
Tronair 01-1127-0006Tronair01-1127-0006Towbar, Portable Sikorsky S-76 (Ce)
Tronair 01-1134-0006Tronair01-1134-0006Portable Bell Towbar (CE) - 222, 230, and 430
Tronair 01-1154-0000Tronair01-1154-0000Portable A109 Towbar (Ce) - A109A, A109C, A109E, A109S, Mark II
Tronair 01-1170-0010Tronair01-1170-0010Snap-Back Caravan Towbar (Ce) - Caravan 208, 208B, and 406.
Tronair 01-1179-0010Tronair01-1179-0010
Portable Beechjet 400A / Diamond Towbar (Ce)
Tronair 01-1185-0006Tronair01-1185-0006Sikorsky Portable Towbar (CE) - S-61, S-70, UH-60, AH-64
Tronair 01-1196-0010Tronair01-1196-0010Portable Challenger and Head (Ce) - Challenger 60, 601, 604, 605, 650
Tronair 01-1215-0000Tronair01-1215-0000
Towbar, Portable Universal (Ce)
Tronair 01-1216-0000Tronair01-1216-0000Portable Universal Towbar (Ce) - Tow up to 80,000 lbs
Tronair 01-1222-0000Tronair01-1222-0000Avanti P-180 Snap-Back Towbar (CE)
Tronair 01-1227-0000Tronair01-1227-0000Portable Piaggio P-180 Avanti Towbar
Tronair 01-1232-0000Tronair01-1232-0000Portable Bell 412 Towbar (Ce)
Tronair 01-1233-0010Tronair01-1233-0010Portable Snap-Back Universal (Ce) - Cessna 150, 152, 172, 177, 180, 182, 185, 206, 207, 210 / Beech Baron, Beech Bonanza, Duke 60 / Piper Aztec, Cherokee, Comanche, Seneca
Tronair 01-1253-0000Tronair01-1253-0000Portable Gulfstream GII-IV Towbar (CE)
Tronair 01-1254-0000Tronair01-1254-0000Towbar, Portable Pc-12 (Ce)
Tronair 01-1261-0000Tronair01-1261-0000Portable Towbar - Gulfstream G550, II, III, IV, IVSP, V
Tronair 01-1261-0011Tronair01-1261-0011Portable Gulfstream Towbar
Tronair 01-1271-0000Tronair01-1271-0000Portable Galaxy (G200) Towbar (Ce)
Tronair 01-1275-0010Tronair01-1275-0010Portable Towbar / Head (CE) - Global Express, Global 5000, and Global 6000
Tronair 01-1286-0000Tronair01-1286-0000
Portable Towbar - Hawker Premier (Ce)
Tronair 01-1292-0000Tronair01-1292-0000Portable Citation / Excel / Sovereign / Latitude Towbar & Head (CE)
Tronair 01-1296-0000Tronair01-1296-0000Portable Challenger Towbar with Head - 300 / 350 (CE)
Tronair 01-1298-0000Tronair01-1298-0000
Eclipse Snap-Back Towbar (CE)
Tronair 01-1324-0000Tronair01-1324-0000
Portable Embraer Phenom 100 Towbar (Ce)
Tronair 01-1325-0100Tronair01-1325-0100Sikorsky S-92/H-92 Towbar (Ce)
Tronair 01-1328-0000Tronair01-1328-0000Portable Towbar - CRJ-900 / CJR-1000 (Ce)
Tronair 01-1332-0000Tronair01-1332-0000Custom Portable Lineage Towbar (CE)
Tronair 01-1335-0000Tronair01-1335-0000Ch-47 Chinook Steering Bar
Tronair 01-1353-0000Tronair01-1353-0000Hondajet Ha-420 Custom Towbar
Tronair 01-1355-0000Tronair01-1355-0000Sikorsky S-92 / H-92 Portable Remote Towbar **No Longer Available - New PN 01-1375-0000
Tronair01-1366-0010Snap-Bak Towbar - Citation Encore
Tronair 01-1372-0000Tronair01-1372-0000Portable Towbar - Bell 525
Tronair 01-1375-0000Tronair01-1375-0000Sikorksy S-92 Portable Towbar (One Man Operation)
Tronair 01-2002-0000Tronair01-2002-0000Phenom 100 Portable Towbar (CE)
Tronair 01-2004-0000Tronair01-2004-0000Cessna Mustang 510 Portable Towbar
Tronair 01-2006-0000Tronair01-2006-0000Portable Towbar - Piaggio P-180 (Ce)
Tronair 01-2007-0000Tronair01-2007-0000
5.0/5.0 customer rating
Embraer Phenom 300 Portable Towbar (Ce)
Tronair 01-2008-0000Tronair01-2008-0000Portable Towbar - Firebird
Tronair 01A1302-0000Tronair01A1302-0000Embraer 170/175/190/195 Portable Towbar (CE) - 2.875 in/7.3 cm eyebolt
Bracket Aircraft Company (BAC) TH-53Bracket Aircraft Company (BAC)TH-53Universal Aircraft Towbar - Tow up to 7,000 lbs
Bracket Aircraft Company (BAC) TH-6Bracket Aircraft Company (BAC)TH-6Universal Aircraft Towbar - Tow up to 4,000 lbs
Bracket Aircraft Company (BAC) TR-34Bracket Aircraft Company (BAC)TR-34Universal Aircraft Towbar - Tow up to 14,000 lbs
Narrow and Wide Body Aircraft Towbars for Commercial Aircraft
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 01-1297-0100Tronair01-1297-0100Towbar, Embraer 170/175/190/195 (Ce) - Standard 2 3/16 inch eyebolt
Tronair A003686DTronairA003686DBoeing 727 Towbar
Tronair A003806DTronairA003806DBoeing 767, 787, Lockheed L-1011, and DC-10 Towbar
Tronair A003813DTronairA003813DBoeing 757 - Clamp Head Style
Tronair A003817DTronairA003817DAirbus Towbar - Clamp Type - A318, A319, A320, A321
Tronair A003819DTronairA003819DBoeing 737 Towbar - Clamp Type
Tronair A003830DTronairA003830D747 / 747-8 Towbar - Pin Head Style
Tronair A005265DTronairA005265DAirbus A340-500 and A340-600 Towbar - Clamp Head Style
Tronair A005269DTronairA005269DDC-9, MD-80, and Boeing 717 Towbar - Pin Head Style
Tronair A212636DTronairA212636DAirbus A330, A340, A350, DC-10, MD-11, L-1011, and CASA A330-MRTT Towbar - Clamp Head Style
Clyde 15F146Clyde15F146
Boeing 727 Towbar
Clyde 15F2284Clyde15F2284Towing A318, A319, A320, A321
Clyde 15F2342Clyde15F2342747 Towbar - All Series
Clyde 15F2397Clyde15F2397DC10, Boeing 767, L-1011, A340, MD-11, A330, A350, Boeing 777
Clyde 15F2828Clyde15F2828MD80, MD88, MD90, DC9
Clyde 15F2880Clyde15F2880Airbus Aircraft Towbar A300 A310
Clyde 15F2929Clyde15F2929CRJ / Challenger / Hawker 4000 Towbar
Clyde 15F794Clyde15F794Portable Towbar - 737, 727, 757, A300/A310, A320
Additional Items
ManufacturerPart NumberDescription
Tronair 01-1101-0000Tronair01-1101-0000Custom Citation Towbar - With Mounted Head (CE)
Tronair 01-1102-0010Tronair01-1102-0010
Custom Learjet Towbar & Head (Ce)
Tronair 01-1106-0000Tronair01-1106-0000Custom Towbar, Gulfstream Gi-Giv (Ce)
Tronair01-1122-0010Towbar, Snap-Back Various (Ce)
Tronair01-1124-0000Towbar, Custom Bac 1-11
Tronair 01-1127-0000Tronair01-1127-0000
S-76 Complete Towbar (CE)
Tronair01-1127-0000-A3Towbar, Custom S-76 Lnt
Tronair01-1142-0000Towbar, Snap-Back Metro
Tronair 01-1148-0000Tronair01-1148-0000Towbar, Portable As 365n (Ce)
Tronair 01-1155-0000Tronair01-1155-0000Towbar, Custom Dornier 228 (Ce
Tronair 01-1161-0009Tronair01-1161-0009
5.0/5.0 customer rating
Custom Bae 146 Towbar (CE)
Tronair 01-1165-0012Tronair01-1165-0012Towbar, 737-100/200 Without Towpin
Tronair01-1166-0010Towbar, Custom Dc-9, Md-80
Tronair01-1176-0010Custom Fokker F-28 Towbar (Ce)
Tronair01-1182-0010Towbar, Custom Jetstar (Ce)
Tronair 01-1183-0000Tronair01-1183-0000
Custom Falcon 10-100 / 20-200 Towbar With Head (Ce)
Tronair 01-1185-0011Tronair01-1185-0011Custom Towbar - Sikorsky S-61, UH-60 Black Hawk, Apache AH-64 (CE)
Tronair 01-1186-0000Tronair01-1186-0000Towbar, Custom Challenger (Ce)
Tronair 01-1187-0011Tronair01-1187-0011Towbar, Saab Sf-340 Custom (Ce
Tronair01-1188-0010Towbar, Custom Sd330/360
Tronair 01-1189-0012Tronair01-1189-0012Casa CN-235 / HC-144A Towbar
Tronair01-1193-0010Towbar, Custom Atp (Ce)
Tronair01-1201-0010-A1Towbar, Multi-Head 14 Ft (Ce)
Tronair 01-1204-0010Tronair01-1204-0010Towbar, Custom Boeing 747
Tronair 01-1207-0010Tronair01-1207-0010Towbar, Custom (Various)
Tronair 01-1208-9011Tronair01-1208-9011Custom F-16 Towbar
Tronair 01-1210-0010Tronair01-1210-0010Towbar, Custom Hh-65-A (Ce)
Tronair 01-1211-0010Tronair01-1211-0010
Custom Falcon Towbar (CE) - Falcon 2000, 2000EX, 50, 50EX, 900, and 900EX.
Tronair 01-1212-0000Tronair01-1212-0000Towbar, Custom F-70/100
Tronair01-1215-0000-A3Towbar, Port Atr 42/72 (Ce)
Tronair 01-1217-0000Tronair01-1217-0000Fokker 50 - Custom Towbar
Tronair 01-1220-0000Tronair01-1220-0000Towbar, Custom S-76c Flir
Tronair01-1221-0006Towbar, Portable Seahawk (Ce)
Tronair 01-1224-0010Tronair01-1224-0010Custom C-130 Towbar
Tronair 01-1225-0010Tronair01-1225-0010Towbar, Custom A-300/310
Tronair 01-1229-0011Tronair01-1229-0011Towbar - CRJ-100/200, Challenger 850, Hawker 4000
Tronair01-1230-0012Two Piece Mult Head
Tronair01-1230-0014Two Piece Mult Head
Tronair01-1231-0000Custom Towbar - Alenia G- 222/C-27J (Ce)
Tronair 01-1236-0000Tronair01-1236-0000Towbar, Portable Fokker100
Tronair01-1237-0000Towbar, Custom S-65
Tronair01-1239-0000Towbar, Portable Lear Hnd (Ce)
Tronair 01-1242-0000Tronair01-1242-0000Custom Seahawk Towbar (Ce) - Sikorsky MH-60R, SH-60B/F, HH-60H, HH-60J, S-70B
Tronair01-1244-0000Towbar, Custom S-76c Rear
Tronair 01-1247-0000Tronair01-1247-0000Towbar, Custom Boeing 727
Tronair01-1248-0000Towbar, Custom Boeing 727
Tronair 01-1259-0000Tronair01-1259-0000Custom Towbar - Beech King Air, Beech 1900, Beech 99, and Sj30 (Ce)
Tronair 01-1262-0000Tronair01-1262-0000
Custom Westwind & Astra G100 Towbar and Head
Tronair 01-1263-0000Tronair01-1263-0000Towbar, Custom Metro/Merln (Ce
Tronair 01-1264-0000Tronair01-1264-0000Custom Towbar with Head for Lear / Citation Aircraft
Tronair 01-1267-0000Tronair01-1267-0000Towbar, Custom Dc-9, Md-80
Tronair01-1268-0000Towbar, Buddy
Tronair 01-1269-0020Tronair01-1269-0020Custom Towbar & Head (Ce) - Global Express, Global 5000, and Global 6000
Tronair 01-1272-0000Tronair01-1272-0000Custom Galaxy G200 Towbar (Ce) - G150, G200, and G280
Tronair 01-1273-0010Tronair01-1273-0010Towbar, Snap-Back Jpats (Ce)
Tronair 01-1274-0030Tronair01-1274-0030Towbar, Gulfstream Gii-Gv (Ce)
Tronair 01-1275-0010-A1Tronair01-1275-0010-A1Towbar, Port Glob 48 (Ce)
Tronair 01-1277-0010Tronair01-1277-0010Multi-Head Towbar (Ce) - Tow up to 75,000 lbs - Pneumatic Tires / Casters Included
Tronair 01-1280-0000Tronair01-1280-0000Custom Casa C295 Towbar (Ce)
Tronair01-1280-9000Towbar, Custom Casa C295 (Ce)
Tronair 01-1281-0010Tronair01-1281-0010CRJ / Challenger Custom Towbar / Head - CRJ1000, CRJ700, CRJ705, CRJ900, Challenger 870 and 890
Tronair 01-1282-0010Tronair01-1282-0010Towbar, Portable Crj-700 (Ce)
Tronair 01-1283-0000Tronair01-1283-0000Towbar, Snap-Back Jpats Whl (Ce)
Tronair 01-1285-0000Tronair01-1285-0000
Towbar, Custom S76 Ems (Ce)
Tronair01-1287-9000Towbar, Portable F-16
Tronair 01-1291-0010Tronair01-1291-0010Citation & Excel Custom Towbar and Head (Ce)
Tronair01-1299-0000Towbar, Cessna Excel Hndlg
Tronair 01-1300-0000Tronair01-1300-0000Towbar, Custom Falcon (Ce)
Tronair 01-1301-0000Tronair01-1301-0000Towbar, Custom A340-600
Tronair01-1305-0000Towbar, Steel Crj-700 (Ce)
Tronair 01-1308-0010Tronair01-1308-0010Towbar, Predator B Custom (Ce)
Tronair01-1308-0011Towbar - Predator A/B
Tronair 01-1310-0000Tronair01-1310-0000CASA Towbar - CN-235 / HC-144A
Tronair01-1317-0000Towbar, Custom A380
Tronair 01-1318-0000Tronair01-1318-0000Towbar, Custom Boeing 707
Tronair 01-1319-0000Tronair01-1319-0000Towbar, Boeing 737-100/200
Tronair 01-1321-0000Tronair01-1321-0000Towbar, Airbus A-300, A-310
Tronair 01-1329-0000Tronair01-1329-0000Multi-Head Towbar (Ce) - 13 Feet Long
Tronair01-1331-0000Towbar, Agusta A109e Snap-Back
Tronair 01-1333-0000Tronair01-1333-0000Towbar, Grob G120a
Tronair01-1336-0100Towbar, Embraer Lineage
Tronair 01-1338-0000Tronair01-1338-0000Towbar for Eurocopter Dauphin AS365N
Tronair 01-1339-0000Tronair01-1339-0000Towbar, Dauphin As365n Port
Tronair 01-1340-0100Tronair01-1340-0100Towbar, Custom Boeing 777
Tronair01-1342-0000Towbar, Kuh Custom
Tronair01-1352-0000Towbar, S-61, S-70, Apache
Tronair 01-1354-0100Tronair01-1354-0100Custom Gulfstream Towbar - G150, G200, G280 - With Hydraulic Lift
Tronair 01-1364-0000Tronair01-1364-0000Towbar - Lear 45
Tronair 01-1377-0000Tronair01-1377-0000Sikorsky CH-148 - Steering Bar
Tronair 01-1381-0000Tronair01-1381-0000Towbar - Bell 505
Tronair 01-1390-0000Tronair01-1390-0000Towbar - S-76 (AUH-76)
Tronair 01-1391-0000Tronair01-1391-0000Towbar - Predator C Hunter-Killer
Tronair 01-1950-5000Tronair01-1950-5000Telecoupler, Standard
Tronair01-2000-0000Towbar, Adam A700 & A500 Vlj
Tronair 01-2001-0000Tronair01-2001-0000Towbar, Eclipse 500 Vlj
Tronair01-8108-0000Towbar, Portable Dash 8
Tronair01A1106-0000Towbar, Gulfstream Gi-Giv
Tronair01A1185-0006Towbar, Portable S-61,S-70
Tronair01A1185-0011Towbar, Custom S-61, S-70 (Ce)
Tronair01A1186-0000Towbar, Custom Challenger
Tronair01A1189-0012Towbar, Custom Casa Cn-235
Tronair01A1201-0010Towbar, Multi-Head - 3 (Ce)
Tronair01A1201-0011Towbar, Multi-Head - 3 (Ce)
Tronair01A1202-0000Towbar, Multi-Head (Ce)
Tronair01A1212-0000Towbar, Custom F-70/100
Tronair01A1215-0000Towbar, Portable Universal (Ce
Tronair01A1216-0000Towbar, Portable Universal (Ce
Tronair01A1229-0011Towbar, Custom Canadair Rj (Ce
Tronair01A1231-0014Towbar, G-222, C27j (Ce)
Tronair01A1253-0000Towbar, Portable Gii-Iv (Ce)
Tronair01A1269-0020Towbar, Global Express
Tronair01A1270-0010Towbar, Multi-Head (Ce)
Tronair01A1272-0000Towbar, Custom Galaxy (Ce)
Tronair01A1274-0030Towbar, Gulstream Gii-Gv (Ce)
Tronair01A1275-0020Towbar, Glob Exprss Port (Ce)
Tronair01A1280-0000Towbar, Custom Casa C295 (Ce)
Tronair01A1280-9000Towbar, Custom Casa C295 (Ce)
Tronair 01A1281-0010Tronair01A1281-0010Custom Crj-700 Towbar (Ce) - 2 7/8 in (7.3 cm) I.D. Eyebolt
Tronair01A1290-0100Towbar, Multi-Head (Ce)
Tronair01A1296-0000Towbar, Portable Challenger
Tronair 01A1297-0100Tronair01A1297-0100Embraer 170/175/190/195 / Lineage 1000 Towbar (CE) - 2 7/8 in (7.3 cm) I.D eyebolt
Tronair01A1314-0100Towbar, Multi-Head
Tronair 01A1326-0100Tronair01A1326-0100Towbar, Custom Sukhoi Sj 100
Tronair01A1332-0000Custom Portable Lineage Ce
Tronair 01A1336-0100Tronair01A1336-0100Towbar, Embraer Lineage
Tronair01A1341-0100Towbar, Lockheed Custom
Tronair01A1354-0100Towbar, G150, G200, G250 Custom
Tronair01B1201-0010Towbar, Multi-Head (Ce)
Tronair01B1202-0000Towbar, Multi-Head
Tronair01B1211-0010Towbar, Custom Falcon (Ce)
Tronair01B1270-0010Towbar, Multi-Head
Tronair01B1290-0100Towbar, Multi-Head
Tronair 01B1297-0100Tronair01B1297-0100Embraer 170/175/190/195 / Lineage 1000 Towbar (CE) - 3 in/7.6 cm eyebolt
Tronair 01B1326-0100Tronair01B1326-0100Towbar, Custom Sukhoi Sj 100
Tronair01B1387-0100Towbar - Airbus CS100 / CS300
Tronair 01B1399-0100Tronair01B1399-0100Embraer E175-E2/E190-E2/E195-E2 Towbar
Tronair A1231-0014TronairA1231-0014Custom Towbar for Aermacchi Alenia C27J / G-222 (Ce)
Tronair A212635DTronairA212635DBoeing 777 Towbar - Clamp Head Style
Bracket Aircraft Company (BAC) TR-6Bracket Aircraft Company (BAC)TR-6Tail Wheeled Aircraft Towbar

Used Available

Tronair 01-1215-0000
Portable Multi-head Towbar
Welker-Young WY-501-2
Challenger Towbar (Does not include head)
Tronair 01-1211-0010
Used Falcon Towbar - 2000, 2000EX, 50, 50EX, 900, 900EX
Hawker 400 SnapBak Towbar
Tronair 01-1324-0000
Used Portable Towbar - Phenom 100
Tronair 01-1101-0000
Used Citation Towbar - With Head
Tronair 01-1106-0000-A4
Used Custom Towbar - GI, GII, GIII & GIV
Clyde 15F2930
USed Towbar - 600-900 & Max
Tronair 01-1226-0010
Used Towbar - A318, A319, A320, A321