LC60-RJ1 Electric Lav Cart - 35 Gallon Dump Tank

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The LC60-RJ2 aircraft lav cart features an electric fill pump, immersion heater, polyethylene waste / fill tanks, 35 gallon waste tank, and 28 gallon fill tank. This unit comes complete with all required hoses, couplers, and fittings to start lav service.


  • 35 gallon (132.5 liter) dump tank, 28 gallon (106 liter) fill tank
  • Winterization and tank insulation
  • Rust-proof tanks (polyethylene), enclosure system (aluminum), and chassis (galvanized steel)
  • 12V DC electric pump system (4.5gpm [17 l/min] @ 40psi; electric system includes on-board battery & charger; will pump approximately 600 gallons [2,271.3 liters] on one charge; recharge time from full discharge is about 12 hours)
  • On-board maintenance-free battery and charger
  • Gravity waste dump - requires no waste pump (meets FDA standards)

CE Rating and 50 HZ Charger

CE Rating and European 50 HZ charger and wiring kit is additional. Please request at time of quote if required.

Available Options

  • Solar charging kit
  • Closed waste valve
  • Y-coupler
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What is the hose lengths on the lav cart?
The standard hose lengths are the following:
Fill Hose: 10 Feet
Waste Hose: 7 Feet 4 Inches

What is the closed waste valve option?
The "closed waste" comes with a standard 4" bulkhead fitting (This is what you would find on the airframe.) and cap.
This is for the dump sites that require you to connect the same way you attach to the aircraft.

What is the waste tank made out of?
The tanks and major components are housed in an insulated aluminum enclosure. Lavatory cart tanks are made of rotationally molded plastic.

The waste tank slopes from front to back (eliminating the need for a dump pump). The 3" PVC gate valve for gravity draining is housed inside the insulated rear compartment, ported through the back wall of the compartment, and terminated on the outside with an anodized aluminum 4" waste coupler nipple attachment. A 4" locking stainless steel safety cap completes the closed waste system which is standard on all RJ-Series lav carts.

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