Used LC60 Aircraft Lavatory Cart

Aero 001657
Aero 001657Aero 001657
Manufacturer: Aero
Part Number: 001657
Lead Time: Sold (but we get Aero stock in all the time)
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The used / refurbished LC60 is a small aircraft lav cart for servicing small corporate aircraft and for use in flight departments, FBOs, and maintenance / servicing operations.


  • 35 gallon waste, 28 gallon fill/flush tanks (132.5 liters waste, 106 liters fill)
  • Rotationally molded cross-link polyethylene, UV-protected
  • Translucent tanks allow visual assessment of fluid levels
  • Heavy-duty, galvanized steel chassis & towbar
  • Heavy-duty hand pump for filling aircraft with blue juice (4 strokes equals 1 gallon [3.8 liters] of pumped fluid)
  • Low profile, 19-inch (48.3 cm) inlet height handles all corporate jets
  • 7-foot (2.13m) waste hose with GA coupler included
  • 10-foot (3.05m) fill hose with fill coupler and plug included
  • Sloped waste tank allows gravity draining without high maintenance waste pumps (FDA recommended)
  • 10-foot (3.05m) sealed waste outlet hose included
  • Hand- or truck-towable (light duty towing)
  • Molded-in decals won't rub off or fade
  • Light weight makes shipping inexpensive