Herman Nelson Aerotech BT400-45 Gas Portable Heater Used

Aerotech BT-400-45
Aerotech BT-400-45Aerotech BT-400-45Aerotech BT-400-45Aerotech BT-400-45Aerotech BT-400-45
Manufacturer: Aerotech
Part Number: BT-400-45
Lead Time: Sold (but we get Aerotech stock in all the time)
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The Herman Nelson BT400-45 is a gasoline fuel heater driven by a 5 HP Honda gas engine. It was manufactured by Aerotech Herman Nelson. The output is rated at 400,000 BTU/HR but is also rated to operate in -65 degrees fahrenheit. At that temperature, it could elevate it's output temperature to 350F and blow air at 285F into a building or aircraft. This unit has a 16 gallon tank and run time of roughly 3 hours. The Herman Nelson heaters are very dependable that provide temporary heat to thaw out equipment, heat buildings, or aircraft cabins. This Herman Nelson heater is one of the most popular rugged heaters on the market.


  • Length: 50"
  • Height: 26 1/4"
  • Width: 20 1/2"
  • Dry Weight: 340 lbs (154 kg)
  • Heat Output: 400,00 BTU/hr at -65°F (-54°C)
  • Air Delivery Rate: Maximum 1500 CFM/Minimum 600 CFM
  • Discharge Air Temp. Range: 150-280°F (66°-138°C)
  • Maximum Temperature Rise: 345°F (174° C) at -65°F (-54°C)
  • Temperature Control Type: Hand selected 150-280°F (65°-138°C), 350°F (177°C) overheat cutout point
  • Maximum Fuel Consumption: 5 gals (23 litres) per hour maximum at -65°F (-54°C)
  • Fuel Storage: 16 gals. (61 litres)
  • Engine: 5HP Honda gas engine
  • Flexible Ducts: Heater incorporates duct connector at discharge end for attaching a 12" (30 cm) diameter X 15' (4.5m) long flexible duct