Used Barfield 2311FA Pressure Tester

Barfield 2311FA
Barfield 2311FABarfield 2311FA
Manufacturer: Barfield
Part Number: 2311FA
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The used / refurbished Barfield 2311FA is a pressure tester.

Purpose of the Unit

The Barfield 2311FA Pressure Tester, equipped with a suitable Pressure Gauge (not included with standard unit), fulfills the need for field-testing of aircraft pressure systems for both reciprocating and turbine engines as well as airframe pressure systems. It provides pressure for driving all types of pressure transmitters, warning switches, pressure-type torque (BMEP) indicators and for system leak testing in the 0-600 PSI range. The Tester is proof-tested to 1200 psi.


The 2311FA Pressure Tester consists of a cylinder equipped with a manually operated piston for obtaining the desired outlet pressure. A fluid reservoir, located on top of the cylinder, is connected through a control valve to the inside of the cylinder. A 1/8 NPT female outlet port is provided at the control valve for attachment to the unit or system to be tested. The Tester is portable, rugged, and accurate with a wide range capability. It is simple to operate, self-contained and, is both line and shop proven.

  • Operating temperature: 0 to 40 degree C (32 to 104 degree F)
  • Storage temperature: -20 to 60 degree C (-4 to 140 degree F)
  • Humidity: N/A
  • Pressure safety: Pressure Equipment Directive - Class: Sound Engineering Practice (SEP)
  • Approved: Not CE Marked as per the Directive
  • Approximate Size (L: W: H): 9.8in (24.9cm), 7.8in (19.8cm), 7.5in (19.1cm)
  • Approximate Weight*: 3.0lbs (1.36kg)
  • Pressure connection: 1/8 Female NPT
  • Pressure Gauge: connection 1/4 Female NPT
  • Hydraulic fluid Reservoir capacity: 134 cm3 (8.18 in3)