Used Christie RF80-H Battery Charger / Analylzer

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The Model RF80-H Automatic ReFLEX Charger/Analyzer is the most efficient and sophisticated instrument available for rapid, automatic charging and analyzing of nickel-cadmium (ni-cad) batteries. Designed for 11, 19, 20 and 22-cell, sintered vented-type ni-cads, the charger/analyzer uses the patented ReFLEX charging principle to give rated or better-than-rated battery capacity in 1 hour.

Reflex Charging

The patented ReFLEX charging principle is unique in that it allows most vented-type aircraft ni-cad batteries to be fully recharged in 1 hour from an unknown state-of-charge. Using the ReFLEX charging method often will result in higher-than-rated capacity in the battery. The ReFLEX charging method provides a further benefit by the interjection of depolarization pulses during charging. This reduces battery heating during charging and results in greatly improved charging efficiency over conventional methods.

Battery Analyzing

The battery analyzing function allows complete battery analysis automatically with a pre-programmed cycle, and the evaluation of battery condition both by GO/NO-GO indicator lights and by actual ampere-hour capacity readout. The charge-discharge-recharge cycle is preprogrammed to match each specific battery type and takes approximately 3 hours with most batteries. Charging is by the ReFLEX method and discharging is by regulated constant current. The GO/NO-GO point, which is also pre-programmed, can be set to any percentage of rated battery capacity.

Input Power

208/230v A-c, Single-phase, 50/60 Hz, 23 Amperes.

Charge Current Output In Reflex Mode

Adjustable, 5 To 80 Amperes.

Charge Current Output In Constant Current Mode

Adjustable, 2.5 To 65 Amperes.

Discharge Constant Current

Adjustable, 5 To 50 Amperes.

Nominal Discharged Battery Voltage

Preset, 0.95 Volt Per Cell, Average (i.e., Approximately 18 Volts For 19 Cell Battery).

Battery Cell Range

11 , 19, 20, And 22 Cells In Series.

Battery Ampere-hours (a-h) Range

6 To 55 (except For 11 Cell Batteries Which Are 40 To 55 A-H)

Dimensions (inches)

17-5/8 Wide By 19-3/4 Deep By 11-3/4 High.

Net Weight

150 Pounds

Cables Provided

One Input Power Cable Without Plug. Two Battery Connection Cables; One With Elcon-type Connector; And One Yellow-band Cable With Lugs For Smaller Batteries.

Charge Time

1 Hour For Most Batteries Up To 40 A-h; 1 Hour 10 Minutes Or Less Between 40 To 55 A-h. Some Ni-cads Require Additional Time.

Discharge Time

1 Hour For Most Batteries. Some Ni-cads Or Battery Shop Procedures Require 2 Hours. A Few Additional Minutes Of Discharge Will Occur If Battery Has More Than Rated "go" Capacity On Long Cycle.

Charge-Discharge-Recharge Cycle Time

3 Hours For Most Batteries. Some Ni-cads Or Battery Shop Procedures May Require Up To 5.5 Hours. A Few Additional Minutes Of Discharge Will Occur If Battery Has More Than Rated "go Capacity On Long Cycle.

General Information
Part #RF80-H
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