Used Eagle TT-6 Aircraft Tug - Gas / Diesel / LPG

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The used / refurbished Eagle TT-6 is aircraft tug for use on the ramp or in the hangar for aircraft towing or pushback. A towbar and head is required for use with this tug.

Towing Capacities

  • *Max Tow (Dry - 1% Grade): 85,000 lbs / 38,555 kgs
  • *Max Tow (Wet - 1% Grade): 75,000 lbs / 34,019 kgs
  • *Max Tow (Snow - 1% Grade): 50,000 lbs / 22,680 kgs

* Calculations assume 1% grade. Severity of Grades and Surface Conditions will affect towing capacities. Snow rating assumes the use of cables.

Standard Features

  • Low profile
  • Hitch sight tunnels
  • Power steering & braking
  • Front & Rear brakes
  • Side & top engine access
  • Choice of gas, diesel, & LPG
  • Low oil/high temp shutdown system
General Information
Part #TT-6
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