Used Foxcart 1200 Single Phase Aircraft GPU

Foxcart 1200
Foxcart 1200Foxcart 1200Foxcart 1200Foxcart 1200Foxcart 1200
Manufacturer: Foxcart
Part Number: 1200
Lead Time: Sold (but we get Foxcart stock in all the time)
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28V DC - 800 amps continuous / 1600 amps max
28V - 200 Amp
28V - 300 Amp
28V - 105 Amp
50Hz/60Hz, 800A Continuous / 1600A Peak Start

This used Foxcart 1200 (M1200) is a single phase 28V DC aircraft ground power unit. It will deliver the rated DC power, but with less efficiency and regulation than the other models. It can handle starts on helicopters and other light aircraft and will greatly assist a battery start on heavier aircraft.


  • Output Volts: 28VDC
  • Peak: 1200 AMPS
  • Continuous: 600 AMPS
  • Input Power Required: 208-240 Volts Single Phase 200 AMPS Service