Used Foxcart PR-2400-T7 28V DC GPU

Foxcart PR-2400-T7
Manufacturer: Foxcart
Part Number: PR-2400-T7
Lead Time: Sold (but we get Foxcart stock in all the time)
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28V DC - 800 amps continuous / 1600 amps max
28V - 200 Amp
28V - 300 Amp
28V - 105 Amp
50Hz/60Hz, 600A Continuous / 1200A Peak Start

The used PR-2400-T7 was manufactured and still supported by Foxcart. These units were the previous model to the new Foxcart 1600.


  • Foxcart PR-2400-T7 28 VDC Ground Power Unit
  • 500 Amps Continuous
  • 1000 Amps Max
  • 3 Phase 60 HZ Input Power
  • DC Output Cable - Serviceable Condition
  • AC Input Cable - Serviceable (approx 50')