Used Lektro AP8600 EZ Towbarless Electric Aircraft Tug

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The AP8600EZ is an all electric towbarless tractor for moving aircraft in the hangar or on ramp. It will tow aircraft up to 28,000 lbs.


  • Vehicle Drive: Heavy-duty 2.5 HP, 36-volt D.C. Traction Motor coupled to a heavy-duty Dana 44 Differential. 5.0 HP motor and Limited Slip Differential, Optional.
  • Motor Speed Control: State of the art General Electric EV-100 LXT Elec- tronic Speed Control with on-board trouble shooting diagnostics. Speed con- trolled by combination Hand Throttle/Directional Lever.
  • Batteries: Six 6-volt, 350 ampere hour Batteries wired in series.
  • G.P.U.: Built-in 12/24/30 volt, 800 cold cranking ampere output capability, standard. 12/24/28 volt and 1175 cca system available.
  • Motive Battery Charger: Fully automatic 36 ampere, 110-volt, Single Phase Charger, standard. 230-volt or 50 Hz, Optional.
  • Nose Gear Lift Cradle: Lektro’s patented Universal Nose Gear Lift Cradle is activated by an Electric/Hydraulic pump assembly with single cylinder, and is capable of handling dual and single wheel aircraft. A hold-down provision for light-nosed aircraft as well as Wheel Faring Package is also available. Winch: Heavy-duty 2-speed Hand Winch. Strut and Winch Straps included.
  • Steering: Automotive-type wheel coupled to an automotive gear box result- ing in very responsive steering action.
  • Parking Brake: Foot operated mechanical / hydraulic activated Automatic Parking Brake.
  • Front Drive Tires: Dual 4.80/4.00 x 8 6-ply Pneumatic Highway Drive Tires. Traction Tires and Chains optional for slippery conditions. Poly-foam filled tires available.
  • Service Brakes: Foot operated single hydraulic disc-type Service Brakes acting at differential pinion shaft.
  • Rear Steer Tires: Dual 4.80/4.00 x 8 6-ply Pneumatic Steer Tires. Poly-foam filled tires available. Steer Axle suspension, Optional.
  • Lighting: Dual Forward Headlights. Aft Headlights, Optional.
  • Extension Ladder: Four-step Ladder attached to operator’s back rest, Optional.
  • Operator’s Compartment: Two person configuration, stand-up operation with restraint.
  • Construction: Welded steel plate polymers, protected by primer and auto- motive grade, high-gloss red enamel paint. A special protective Polyurethane coating applied to decks, fenders, side and battery compartments to pre- vent rust, scratches and corrosion as well as custom colors are optional.


  • Length: 138.75 inches / 352.5 cm
  • Width: 40.5 inches / 103 cm
  • Height: 49.25 inches / 125.1 cm
  • Turning Radius: 115.5 inches / 293 cm
  • Wheel Base: 66.5 inches / 168.9 cm
  • Vehicle Speed, Empty: 7 mph / 11.2 kph
  • Vehicle Speed, Loaded: 3 mph / 4,8 kph
  • Lift Cradle Capacity: 2800 lbs / 1270 kg
  • Nose Gear Cradle Lifting Height: 9 inches / 23 cm
  • Ground Clearance: 3.5 inches / 9 cm
  • Chassis Weight w/ Batteries & Charger: 2650 lbs / 1202 kg

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