Nav-Aids ADAG24-946 Pitot Static and RVSM Tester

Nav Aids LTD ADAG24-946
Nav Aids LTD ADAG24-946
Manufacturer: Nav Aids LTD
Part Number: ADAG24-946
Lead Time: Sold (but we get Nav Aids LTD stock in all the time)
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The used Nav-Aids ADAG24-946 is a pitot static and RVSM tester for the Gulfstream 2, 3, and 4 aircraft.

The kit contains all the equipment required to test from source the complete pitot and static air data system on the Gulfstream 2, 3 & 4 aircraft, as well as the means of pre-testing all adaptors and hoses prior to being fitted to the aircraft.

Compatible Aircraft*
GulfstreamII, III, IV
*This list is for general reference only and may not be entirely acurate for all aircraft. Please confirm all equipment meets the requirements of your aircraft with the owners/maintenance manuals prior to purchasing or using with your aircraft.