Used Priceless 717 Aircraft Gas Tug

Priceless 717
Priceless 717Priceless 717Priceless 717Priceless 717Priceless 717
Manufacturer: Priceless
Part Number: 717
Lead Time: Sold (but we get Priceless stock in all the time)
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Priceless 717

The Priceless 717 aircraft tug allows operators to move aircraft up to 15,500 lbs (MGTOW - Tug performance data based on level, smooth, paved surfaces). The 717 tug has a Clamp & Lift that makes it easy for one person to maneuver aircraft.

Standard Features

  • 340cc Honda OHV Engine - EPA approved
  • Gasoline (87-100LL)
  • Electric key start
  • Heavy-Duty hydrostatic transmission
  • Neutral automatic braking
  • Electro-Hydraulic nose wheel
  • Clamp & Lift system for nosewheel
  • Quick-Lock strap to secure nosewheel
  • High-flotation pneumatic drive tires
  • Heavy-duty alternator keeps battery charged
  • Diamond deck riding platform

Aircraft Attachments

Heads or attachments are not required with the Clamp & Lift cradle system for the nosewheel. However, there is a Cirrus attachment along with pintle hitch attachment.

Clamp & Lift

Priceless 717 Clamp & Lift

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