Used Beechcraft Wing Bolt Set for Baron and Bonanza

Ryan Machine Beechcraft Wing Bolt Wrench Set
Ryan Machine Beechcraft Wing Bolt Wrench SetRyan Machine Beechcraft Wing Bolt Wrench Set
Manufacturer: Ryan Machine
Part Number: Beechcraft Wing Bolt Wrench Set
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This is a used set of twelve (12) wrenches and a custom case for the Beechcraft Baron and Bonanza.

Beechcraft has been changing the hardware for the wing attach bolts and nuts. It used to be that all of the bolts had an internal wrenching hexagon socket head. This would require a tool like an "Allen Wrench" to hold for torquing. The new ones come with a twelve-point external wrenching head. These require a tool that looks like a twelve-point socket to engage.

The older aircraft had an internal wrenching nut on the wing bolts. Approximately 1991 they switched to a nut that is external wrenching and has twelve points. It is possible that some of the new hardware has been installed on the older airframes. For this reason, it is difficult to forecast which tools may be needed on a given plane without examining the hardware installed and any replacement nuts and bolts to be installed.

Recently our set of wrenches was expanded from a total of 10 to 12. The two new wrenches are four inch torque extenders that have a twelve-point socket on one end. The new sizes are: 3/4 and 13/16ths. These two were added to allow the set to be used on the King Air line of aircraft.

Our most recent improvement is to attach a disc with a half inch square hole to the end of our offset style wrench (the one with two bends in the handle). This makes the wrench compatible with any standard half inch drive tool for added leverage.

The 1 and 1/16 inch Socket Torque extender has been changed to a "Box End" style. This was required for fit issues on the Beechcraft Duke and the King Air 90 Series.


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Compatible Aircraft*
Hawker BeechcraftBeech Baron, Beech Bonanza, Duke 60, King Air
*This list is for general reference only and may not be entirely acurate for all aircraft. Please confirm all equipment meets the requirements of your aircraft with the owners/maintenance manuals prior to purchasing or using with your aircraft.