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The Superseder III is a battery analyzer, discharger, and charger for lead-acid and nickel cadmium batteries.


    • The Superseder III is a precision instrument designed to charge and analyze primarily NICKEL-CADMIUM batteries exactly as recommended by the battery manufacturers (It can also test LEAD-ACID and other types of rechargeable batteries


    • The simple to set controls plus the condensed operating procedure found on the front panel makes the Superseder III a very easy to operate CHARGER/ANALYZER, which combined with easy to read CURRENT, VOLTAGE, TIME and STATUS indicators, makes it also a very simple unit to monitor.


    • The Superseder III is also designed for speed, for it can charge two Nickel-Cadmium batteries, (actually, any number of batteries where the total number of cells is 50 or less), at maximum currents, and it can also discharge two batteries at reduced currents, or one battery (25 cells or less) at maximum current.


    • The Superseder III also provides a Voltage Control enhancement that allows the Charger-Analyzer, originally designed for Constant Current operation on Nickel-Cadmium batteries to also be able to handle Lead-Acid and other type of rechargeable batteries, where the end voltage is a more reliable indicator of the state of charge (as opposed to Nickel-Cadmium batteries).


    • Dependability is another great plus of the Superseder III. 100% SOLID STATE circuitry requires no scheduled maintenance. No relay contacts to inspect and clean. No high current carrying contacts to arc and burn. A simple performance verification procedure is all it takes to determine if the instrument requires re-calibration or repair.


    • This instrument is also protected against certain internal performance deviations and programming errors, plus it is also designed to sense certain battery abnormalities to protect the instrument and battery from possible damage. In the event that any malfunction takes place, VISUAL and AUDIBLE indicators will turn on, alerting the operator and preventing any further operation of the unit.


    • The Superseder III Battery Charger/Analyzer System is comprised of the Charger/Analyzer, the Temp-plate, the Battery Cable and several accessories.
      The specially designed circuitry provides a performance not achieved by any of the older conventional battery charging methods. The Superseder III will deliver current into a short circuit or a battery or combination of batteries totaling 50 cells, within ±1% of the programmed value, independent of line voltage variations (within ± 10% of the nominal line voltage).


  • Two 3-1/2 digit LED meters provide the simultaneous monitoring of voltage and current on the charger and battery under test. The voltmeter can also be used independently by way of the two external meter lead jacks.

Comparable Models

Other comparable models include the Superseder II, Superseder III, and Superseder IIIC.

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Part #Superseder III
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