Used TIC T-49C Transponder and TCAS Test Set

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The used TIC T-49C provides test capability for Traffic and Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS) and Transponders. (Modes A, C, and S). The T-49C is supplied with a single, TAP-135 antenna coupler.


  • Test set automatically determines the capability of transponder being tested (ATCRBS or Mode S) and selects appropriate tests
  • Test set can be selected for automatic sequencing or manual selection of individual transponder tests
  • Test set supplied with TAP-135 Antenna Coupler, Omni-Directional Antenna, and Directional Antenna (Mounted in case lid)


    • Tests TCAS I, TCAS II, and Traffic Advisory Systems with Mode C Interrogations

Simulates distance and various altitudes above and below aircraft under test (AUT):

    • Same altitude as AUT
    • 200 ft. above/below AUT
    • 4,000 ft. above/below AUT
    • 10,000 ft. above/below AUT
    • Descending from +3,500 above to -3,500 ft. below AUT
  • Allows simulation of ATCRBS or Mode S intruder
  • Automatically obtains the Transponder Under Test Altitude (When Operating)

Transponder Tests Performed and Specifications

The T-49C performs the following tests based on the capabilities of the transponder under test:

  • Mode A - ID code, IDENT, percent reply,F1, F2, data pulse spacing, and pulse width
  • Mode C - Altitude (feet and grey code), percent reply F1, F2, data pulse spacing, and pulse width
  • Side-lobe suppression (SLS) - Tests at P1/P2=0 and P1/P2 = -9 dB
  • Mode A/S and C/S All Call - Mode S address, percent reply
  • Mode A Only and Mode C Only
  • Mode S Surveillance I.D. (DF5) - Mode S address, percent reply, flight status (Air, Ground, Alert, SPI), Mode S/Mode A I.D. code compare (Automatic mode)
  • Mode S Surveillance Altitude (DF4) - Mode S altitude, percent reply Mode S/Mode C altitude compare (Automatic mode)
  • Mode S Surveillance Short (DF0) - Mode S address, vertical status (Air, ground), percent reply, decoded country code, decoded tail number (if applicable)
  • Mode S Comm. I.D. (UF5/DF21) - Mode S ID code, percent reply
  • Mode S Comm. Altitude (UF4/DF20) - Mode S altitude, percent reply
  • Undesired replies (UF11) - Checks for reply to incorrect Mode S interrogation
  • Acquisition squitter - Pass/Fail indication of squitter period, decoded Mode S address, interrogator code
  • Extended squitter - Pass/Fail indication of squitter period, decoded Mode S address
  • Max Airspeed - Decodes and displays maximum airspeed
  • Diversity - Displays Pass/Fail indication of RF leakage through Mode S transponder
  • Measures and displays transponder power (dBm or watts), frequency, and receiver sensitivity
  • Decodes and displays Flight I.D.
  • Decodes and displays Mode S address in Octal and Hex

TCAS Tests Performed and Specifications

The T-49C allows testing of TCAS I, TCAS II and Traffic Advisory Systems. The T-49C allows the test set operator to simulate ATCRBS and Mode S intruders.

Front panel controls allow the operator to select intruder parameters including:

  • Distance: Intruder moves from 14 to 1 NMI (intruder can be stopped and re-started)
  • Velocity: 300 kts.
  • Altitude offsets from aircraft under test: 0, + 200, +4,000, +10,000 ft.
  • Crossing altitude scenario: Intruder moves from 3,500 ft. above to 3,500 ft. below aircraft under test

Physical Characteristics

  • Packaging - MIL-PRF-28800, Style C
  • Size: 14.5 x 9.4 x 6.5 inches
  • Weight: 19 pounds
  • Operating Temperature: -30 degrees to +55 degrees C
  • Battery Operation: 8 hours at 20% Duty Cycle
  • AC Operation/Charging: 100-120 VAC, 50-400 Hz (Optional - 200 to 240 VAC)
General Information
Part #T-49C
ManufacturerTel Instruments
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