Used Tronair 15-7600-1000 Cabin Pressurization Unit

Tronair 15-7600-1000
Tronair 15-7600-1000Tronair 15-7600-1000
Manufacturer: Tronair
Part Number: 15-7600-1000
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The used aircraft cabin pressurization unit (CPU) 15-7600-1000 uses a rotary blower driven by a 10 HP electric motor to provide a source of clean, low pressure air. A pressure relief valve has been provided to protect the blower from dead head start-up and is adjusted to open at 13 PSIG.

Technical Specifications

  • 10 HP air cooled induction motor
  • Pressure Range: 1 to 12 PSIG
  • Air Flow: 0 to 200 ACFM
  • Air Inlet Filter, dry element
  • Pressure relief valve set at 13 PSIG
  • 10 foot cabin air supply hose approx., 2 inch diameter
  • Pressure Gauge 0-15 PSIG
  • Temperature indicator 0-240 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Air control valve
  • Ball Shut-Off Valve, aircraft cabin air supply
  • Regulated Shop Air Supply (gauge - 0 to 30 PSIG and pressure regulator)

Input Voltage

  • 3 Phase Input Voltage Required
  • Serviceable AC Input Cable (50' approx.)

Unit Dims

  • L - 57 inches
  • W - 39 inches
  • H - 43 inches
  • Weight - 660 lbs