Used Tronair 15-7603-1000 Aircraft Cabin Pressurization Unit (CPU)

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The used / refurbished 15-7603-1000 is a cabin pressurization unit for aircraft maintenance pressurization tests or servicing.

This unit uses a rotary blower driven by a 3 phase electric motor to provide a source of clean, low pressure air. Air enters the unit through a dry element filter located outside of the cabinet. After the air has passed through the blower, it is either directed to the aircraft or returned to the atmosphere via the air flow control valve. A pressure relief valve has been provided to protect the blower from dead head start-up and is adjusted to open at 13 PSIG.

Technical Specifications

Cabin Supply

  • Rotary blower, belt-driven
  • Pressure range: 1 to 12 PSIG
  • Air Flow: 0 to 295 ACFM
  • Air inlet filter; dry element
  • Pressure relief valve set at 13 PSIG
  • 25 foot cabin air supply hose; 2 inch diameter
  • Quick disconnect couplings on air supply hose

Cabin Pressurization Unit Control

  • Pressure gauge: 0-15 PSIG (1/2 % Accuracy)
  • Temperature indicator: 0-240 F
  • Air control valve
  • Ball Shut-off Valve, aircraft cabin air supply

Regulated Shop Air Supply

  • Pressure gauge: 0-30 PSIG
  • Pressure regulator


  • Air cooled induction motor, 20 HP
  • Master power switch with light
  • Magnetic start with overload protection
  • 50 foot electrical power input cable less plug

Aircraft Cabin Feed Back Data

  • Aircraft Cabin Feed Back Data
  • Pressure gauge: 0-15 PSIG (1/2 % Accuracy)
  • Rate of climb: 0-4000 foot per minute (ft/minute)
  • Air leakage gauge: 0-8 inches water gauge (WG)
  • 30 foot cabin pressure sensor hose

Estimated Dimensions

  • Length: 57 inches
  • Width 39 inches
  • Height: 43 inches
  • Weight: 750 lbs
General Information
Part #15-7603-1000
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