Used Tronair 52100ZZ0AADM Aircraft 5606 / 83282 HPU

Tronair 52100ZZ0AADM
Tronair 52100ZZ0AADMTronair 52100ZZ0AADMTronair 52100ZZ0AADM
Manufacturer: Tronair
Part Number: 52100ZZ0AADM
Lead Time: Sold (but we get Tronair stock in all the time)
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10 GPM (60Hz), 8.3 GPM (50Hz), 750-3000 PSI, 15 HP
10 GPM (60Hz), 8.3 GPM (50Hz), 750-3000 PSI, 15 HP

The used Tronair 5210 HPU is a 10 GPM / 3000 PSI HPU for MIL-PRF-5606 or MIL-PRF-83282 fluid.


  • 5 - HPU
  • 2 - 10 GPM / 3000 PSI
  • 1 - MIL-PRF-5606
  • 0 - Standard
  • 0 - Desert Sand
  • ZZ - No Aircraft Couplers
  • 0 - 208V 3 PH 60 HZ Input Voltage Required / 50' AC Input Cable Included
  • AA - 25' Hoses (Dual System)
  • D - Dual System w/ Crossover Check
  • M - Hand Pump
Compatible Aircraft*
Airbus Military (CASA)C-295, CN-235/HC-144A
Bell214, 214ST
Bombardier (Business)CL-215, CL-215T, CL-415, Learjet 45, Learjet 70, Learjet 75
Hawker BeechcraftPremier
LockheedJetstar C-140
SikorskyS-61, S-65 (CH53, HH53, MH53, Sea Stallion), S-76 (AUH-76)
*This list is for general reference only and may not be entirely acurate for all aircraft. Please confirm all equipment meets the requirements of your aircraft with the owners/maintenance manuals prior to purchasing or using with your aircraft.