Used Tug M1A60 Aircraft Tow Tug / Tractor

Tug M1A60-23
Tug M1A60-23Tug M1A60-23Tug M1A60-23Tug M1A60-23Tug M1A60-23
Manufacturer: Tug
Part Number: M1A60-23
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Tug M1A60 - 6,000 lbs DPB
Used Aircraft Ramp Tractor for Baggage, Pushback, or Towing

The Tug MA160 is a low profile tow tractor to ensure greater visibility both fore an aft for safe operation. Some standard features on the M1A series tugs include four-wheel suspension, disc brakes, power steering, and uni-body frame construction.

This used Tug tractor can be used for ramp operations including aircraft pushback and towing, baggage towing, or GSE towing.


  • Perkins Diesel (4 cyl.)
  • Tow Capacity - 60,000 lbs

Standard Features on M1A Series

  • Recessed headlights
  • Combination tail and stop lights
  • Power boosted disc brake system
  • Automatic transmission
  • Seat belts
  • Non-slip surface on floor boards
  • Non-slip surface on brake pedal
  • Power steering
  • Four-wheel disc brakes
  • Split braking systems
  • Front, rear & side reflectors

Perkins Diesel Engine

  • Type: Water-cooled, direct injected, in-line, 4 cylinder
  • Fuel: Diesel or Jet A (with additive)
  • Displacement: 269 CID (4.4 L)
  • Governed rpm with full load: 2400
  • Net brake hp at governed rpm :86 (64kW)
  • Torque at 1400 rpm: 222 lb ft (302 Nm)