Used United SML-80P Aircraft Tow Tug

United SML-80P
United SML-80PUnited SML-80PUnited SML-80PUnited SML-80P
Manufacturer: United
Part Number: SML-80P
Lead Time: Sold (but we get United stock in all the time)
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Diesel TT-8 AWD Tug / Tractor
8,000 lbs DBP - AWD Standard - Available in Gas, LPG
5,000 lbs DBP - Available in Gas, LPG


  • United SML-8
  • 8,000 lbs DBP
  • Tow up to 80,000 MTOW
  • Ford 300 Gas Engine


  • L - 124 inches
  • W - 57 inches
  • H - 43 inches
  • Weight - 9,100 lbs (4128 kg) approx.