Goodyear 196K83-1 Flight Leader Tire - 19.5X6.75X8 8PLY

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The Goodyear 196K83-1 is an aircraft tire for use on the nose of the ERJ 135, 140, 145 aircraft and is rated up to 210 mph - 19.5X6.75X8 8PLY.


  • Bias-ply construction
    • High-speed performance and greater load capacity
  • Specially compounded tread design and large contact area
    • Performs in a wide range of operating conditions
  • Specialized cord body shape
    • Reduced stress as the tire cycles from tension to compression

Aircraft Applications

  • ERJ 135/140/145ER Regional Jet - Nose
  • ERJ 145LR Regional Jet - Nose
General Information
Part #196K83-1
Shipping Information
Schedule B4011300000
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