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Nav-Aids Ltd. has specialized in pitot static test adapters and air data accessories kits for over 55 years. Nav-Aids' product line covers general aviation, commuter, corporate, transport, and military to missile defense, unmanned aerial vehicles, and space vehicles. Their products are designed, assembled, and tested to support more than 500 different types of aircraft. At PJi, you can easily bundle your adapter kits with a new air data test set.

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Rental & Financing

Pilot John International offers an attractive rental/finance program to meet your ongoing maintenance needs. Your aviation goals are our priority - we look forward to helping you achieve them.

Why Shop for Nav-Aids?

PilotJohn International trusts Nav-Aids for their Industry-Leading Aviation Products. When our customers need RVSM air data accessories kits and pitot adapters for their aircraft pitot-static test units, we will provide them with the right equipment to best fit their aircraft.

In our electronic world, it's hard to find personalized support; the knowledgeable PilotJohn International team is here to help you identify the best solutions for you. For all of your aviation needs, PJI supports you on the ground to keep you in the air.

Any questions? Email us at [email protected], give us a call at 252.585.4553, or chat with a live agent online. We are here to help, contact us today! is an Authorized Distributor of Nav-Aids.

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