PJi Now Offers Top-Selling Pilot Supplies from MyGoFlight

Pilot John International (PJi) is pleased to announce a new distributor partnership with MyGoFlight. In addition to a wide selection of GSE and Avionics products, Pilot John customers can now purchase top-rated pilot supplies from MyGoFlight. PJi and MyGoFlight help pilots stay organized and fly safely.

MyGoFlight is recognized in the aviation space as a premium brand for those who fly. Its product line includes the kneeboard, a wide selection of mobile device and iPad mounts, cases, cradles, flight bags, luggage, anti-glare glass, and the very first head-up display for general aviation. MyGoFlight’s mission is to solve the challenges by combining enhanced airplane and avionics technology, bringing the information a pilot needs to see more accessible so that they can fly head up, eyes out, and be safe.

“The look, feel, and functionality of MyGoFlight gear is second to none. Having these mounts, cases, and accessories will make anyone's flying experience better and we're happy to be adding them to our lineup. The MyGoFlight team stands behind its products too. They are an impressive group of hardworking people who understand and quickly adapt to the needs of the pilot, and they're always working on new things while keeping quality at the forefront of their designs,” said Andrew Geston, Product Manager at Pilot John International.

View the complete MyGoFlight product line here. For more information on Pilot John International, visit PilotJohn.com or contact our aviation specialists at [email protected]

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