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PJi is an authorized service center providing preventative maintenance, repairs, and warranty management for multiple ground support equipment (GSE) manufacturers. We offer a broad range of GSE services, including overhauls, refurbishments, customer repairs and warranty repairs.

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GSE Maintenance

PJi is committed to meeting your GSE maintenance needs to keep your aircraft flight ready. Regular preventative maintenance is vital to keeping downtime to a minimum.

PJi's expert service technicians keep your equipment performing at optimum working conditions by performing routine maintenance on motorized GSE such as ground power units, lav and water carts, and aircraft tugs, as well as non-motorized GSE like towbars and axle jacks.

GSE Repair

When your GSE breaks down, you need to get it back in service in a timely manner – but you also want to make sure it’s repaired properly.

PJi’s qualified team of GSE maintenance mechanics is highly proficient at working on all kinds of ground support equipment.

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GSE Overhaul & Refurbishment

PJi offers overhaul and refurbishment services to restore your equipment to like-new condition. Once we have received the equipment at our facility, our GSE service technicians will provide you with a quote for refurbishment. After the quote is approved and the service has been completed, you won't believe the equipment you receive is the same as what you sent.

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OEM-Trained Technicians

PJi’s service specialists are OEM trained and certified. In addition to only using OEM parts, we follow servicing and testing guidelines from the manufacturer to ensure your equipment is operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications.

PJi maintains an expansive inventory of in-stock replacement parts for aviation GSE. Our experienced and highly skilled service technicians are dedicated to supporting the maintenance needs for a wide range of GSE used daily in airports and hangars worldwide.

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PJi now offers onsite GSE service and maintenance in select areas. Our mobile service units come fully equipped with the necessary tools and components to efficiently service and maintain your GSE.

PJi’s team of seasoned and knowledgeable GSE maintenance technicians will keep your equipment operating at peak performance so you don’t have to worry about sudden equipment failure resulting in extensive downtime.

For more information about our onsite services, including our current service area, please visit our PJi Mobile Service Team page.

GSE Service List

PJi is your trusted source for GSE service and support. We are capable of maintaining and repairing a variety of ground support equipment, including:

  • Tripod Jacks
  • Tail Stands
  • Ground Power Units (GPUs)
  • Hydraulic Power Units (HPUs)
  • Hydraulic Fluid Service Units
  • Electric Tugs
  • Diesel Tugs
  • Towbars & Towheads
  • Lavatory Carts
  • Potable Water Carts
  • Maintenance Stands
  • Baggage Carts
  • Passenger Stairs
  • Axle Jacks

Why Choose Pilot John International?

The global leader in GSE and tooling, avionics test equipment, aircraft parts, and more, Pilot John International (PJi) represents best-in-class manufacturers across a wide selection of product categories.

Serving the aviation industry for more than 20 years, PJi is the trusted partner for airlines, corporate flight departments, and the military. With our state-of-the-art logistics, we are able to provide fast shipping to customers worldwide.

PJi is ISO 9001:2015 certified for the distribution and maintenance of new and used aircraft ground support equipment and avionics test equipment, as well as for the distribution of aircraft tires and aircraft engine mounts.

Questions? We’ve Got Answers!

How do I request service? What is the cost?

For all service requests, fill out and submit the contact form above. Once your request has been received, we will be in contact with you regarding a quote and servicing details, and to help answer any questions you may have.

How do I ship my equipment to you?

We’ll provide you with a custom-sized pallet for your item and send it to you via LTL freight. Once you receive the pallet, strap down your item to it and attach the prepaid shipping label. After you let us know your item is ready to go, we’ll schedule the pickup from your facility.

The entire process takes only a few days and is less expensive in the long run since we can service your item directly at our facility. When we’ve completed the servicing, we’ll ship your item back via LTL freight and provide you with an exact date for when your item will arrive.

Can I use my own shipping method to send you my equipment?

Yes, you can! We will provide you with our maintenance facility address in North Carolina once your service request has been approved.

How long do repairs typically take?

If you are sending us an item that needs to be repaired, we will do our best to test the item and provide a repair estimate within a week of receiving it.

The turnaround time on servicing can vary depending on the availability of parts, our current schedule, and the services being requested. If you would like an estimated time frame, please contact us.

Do you use factory OEM parts?

Yes. We only use authorized and approved parts from the manufacturers. A copy of the manufacturer’s Certificate of Conformance (CofC) can be requested and obtained for any parts we replace.

Do you service other manufacturers’ equipment besides Tronair?

Yes, we service ground support equipment from multiple manufacturers, including Tronair, Unitron, Hobart/ITW GSE, Foxcart, TLD, and more! Our GSE service team is well-equipped to keep your GSE up and running smoothly!

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Let PJi’s Service Specialists Support Your GSE and Maintenance Requirements

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  • Have our factory-trained and certified GSE technicians refurbish and restore your equipment to like-new condition
  • Trust our service team to only use OEM parts and testing guidelines to ensure equipment is operating according to the manufacturer’s specifications
  • Shop online from our vast assortment of replacement parts stocked at our distribution center
  • Get answers to your GSE questions from our knowledgeable service team
  • Keep your GSE running at an optimum working condition with PJi’s regular preventative GSE maintenance
  • Let us simplify the process of transporting GSE to our service center for repair, eliminating travel expenses for you

Let our Service Experts Keep Your GSE Operational!

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Challenger Aviation in Houston, TX, USA

It’s clear why PJi is a respected name in the aviation industry. From the initial RFQ to the final sale, you made customer service a priority. A cabin pressurization unit is a sizable purchase for a growing business. You made every effort you could to make it fit our budget. When we finally made the decision, it was after normal business hours on a Friday evening. I was surprised when you answered the phone and had already made arrangements. John, you even made the funds transfer easy. We were astonished when we returned from lunch the following Monday to find a brand new shiny box waiting for us in the hangar.

Morris in California, USA

PJi’s commitment to providing the best service is outstanding.

Linda in Florida, USA

I want to express my appreciation to PJi for supplying a product that met all our expectations. The customer service and delivery time frame were exceptional by all means. We purchase lots of ground support eqiupment and there is no doubt that our preferred vendor is PJi. Thank you again for always coming through for us on all our GSE needs.

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