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Faster, Safer, Better Fastener Removal

Perfect Point is changing the way structural maintenance is performed in the 21st century, by providing a Faster, Safer, and Better method of removing “Hard-Metal” Fasteners in airframe structures and engines.

E-Drill Leasing Through Us

Need an E-Drill but having trouble finding room in this year's capital budget? You'll now be able to lease an E-Drill, making it easier than ever to get your hands on the most innovative fastener removal technology in the industry.

Perfect Point is working with PilotJohn.com / CGSE, a trusted provider of ground support equipment and repair and overhaul services, to bring E-Drill to you by providing flexible leasing options to match your needs.

E-Drill is proven to reduce damage rates, improve productivity, and protect workers. Reach out today to see how Perfect Point and PilotJohn.com / CGSE can bring these benefits to you. What's holding you back now?

The E-Drill

  • E-Drill - The E-drill is the only tool-using Electro-Discharge Machining technology in a hand-held device. This hand tool utilizes this force-less process to remove hard-metal fasteners in mere seconds.
  • Mobile Service Unit - Mobile Service Unit (MSU) provides an interface through which the user can select different fastener types to remove and carry out maintenance functions.
  • Rolling Tool Cart - The Pro System's rolling tool cart conveniently stores your complete kit for removing all fastener types from 3/32" to 3/8" diameter.
  • S-Blaster Spot Coating - Perfect Point's patented S-Blaster technology removes coatings, sealants, fillers, and corrosion from fasteners utilizing plastic blast media.


The Technology

Perfect Point’s patented handheld electro-discharge machining (EDM) technology removes the hardest fasteners quickly and easily. The precision sized electrode cuts a circular groove of material from the fastener head leaving a very thin fracture point between the electrode and the airframe. The exact sizing of the electrode coupled with precision depth control greatly decreases the risk of airframe damage when compared to conventional removal methods. A closed-loop fluid system, consisting of filtered water, flushes the area and removes cut debris. Aggressive flushing during the cut means no heat is transferred to the surrounding area. The forceless cut process significantly reduces the risk of damage to the airframe and repetitive motion injury to the operator. Reduced damage, fast cycle times, and elimination of debris result in efficiencies that mean a very quick return on investment.

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