KPC3-775-625 Aircraft Pitot Cover - Kevlar Single Layer

STI (Sesame Technologies) KPC3-775-625
STI (Sesame Technologies) KPC3-775-625STI (Sesame Technologies) KPC3-775-625
Part Number: KPC3-775-625
Condition: New
Price: $85.08
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The KPC3-775-625 is an aircraft pitot cover for use on some Boeing 737, Embraer Legacy 600, and Lockheed C130H. Other applications are possible. 


  • Flame-retardant; won't melt
  • Working temperature up to 800°F
  • Chemical resistant
  • Weather tolerant
  • High abrasion resistant
  • Low particulate
  • Metal-free cover
  • Water repellent
  • Flexible and soft; won't scratch the Pitot Probe but fits snugly
  • Assembled with a warning streamer and part number identification
  • 1420 denier 7/32" orange flat kevlar braid installation loop, pull off loop, and flag attachment


  • Material: Red Kevlar Single Layer
  • Streamer: 2" x 12" Red/White "Remove Before Flight"

Benefits of Sesame Covers

  • Kevlar construction
  • High working temperature - will not melt and non-flammable
  • Hand or pole installable and removable
  • Breathable
  • Will NOT damage probes if left on during heat cycle
  • 1-year product warranty
  • All materials are made in the USA
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