Used PWC32677-300 Engine Compressor Washer

Kell-Strom PWC32677-300
Kell-Strom PWC32677-300Kell-Strom PWC32677-300
Manufacturer: Kell-Strom
Part Number: PWC32677-300
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The used PWC32677-300 is an aircraft compressor washer.

General Overview

The Engine Wash Rig with certified gauges is a combined engine compressor wash with an in-situ fuel nozzle cleaning circuit for the Pratt & Whitney Canada engines - PT6, PW100, PW300, PW500, PW600, and PW900.

The control circuit has a built in pneumatic logic system that provides for full adjustment of the cleaning solution and rinse fluid pulsation rates needed during the fuel nozzle cleaning. Trolley-mounted, the wash system is operated by standard shop compressed air supply or other suitable regulated pressurized air source.

NSN Part Number