Eagle eTT-8 AWD Electric Aircraft Tug - 8,000 lbs DBP

Eagle eTT-8
Eagle eTT-8
Manufacturer: Eagle
Part Number: eTT-8
Condition: New
Warranty: 3 Year / 3,000 Operating Hours - View Details
Item Not Available New

This item has been discontinued or is no longer available.

It has been replaced by eTT-12.

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Eagle Tugs

The next generation of Eagle tugs is here. The AWD electric eTT-8 is designed specifically for use at regional airlines, corporate flight departments, fix based operators (FBOs), and military operations. The new eTT-8 features All-Wheel Drive (AWD) for traction in all weather conditions, hitch site tunnels in the front and back, and unmatched reliability and performance. The eTT series is further advanced with all wheel steering for better maneuverability. This unit is also powered by an environmentally-friendly 80V A/C electric drive.

The eTT-8 electric aircraft tug was designed to maximize battery life, to keep it working for you when you need it. The energy-efficient A/C electric drive provides regenerative braking that sends power back in to the battery every time it slows down. It is further equipped with energy-efficient components, such as LED lighting, that minimize the power draw on the electrical system. When you team its efficient drive train with an optional "Smart Charge", high-capacity battery and charger, the eTT-8 will handle the toughest workloads.

Highlights of the eTT Series
  • Zero-emission, energy-efficient 80V A/C electric drive.
  • All Wheel Drive power train, providing safe, controlled traction on all surface conditions.
  • All Wheel Steering for increased maneuverability of, and around aircraft.
  • Front & Rear Inching Switches for 1-man hitching operation.
  • Ergonomic operator compartment, low-profile design and direct front & rear hitch visibility allow operators to safely and efficiently handle aircraft.
  • Optional "Smart Charge" battery and charger system which allows the battery to be opportunity-charged to maximize efficiency, with no reduction in battery life-cycle.
  • Designed with carefully matched components, resulting in minimal or no unscheduled maintenance or repair, and is backed by an industry leading 3-year/3,000-hr warranty.
  • Unparalleled reliability and factory-direct service and support is the Eagle Tugs advantage.
  • Eagle Tugs has over 40 years of experience designing, building and supporting reliable tow tractors.

Standard Features

  • 80V A/C electric drive
  • All Wheel Drive
  • All Wheel Steering
  • Low profile
  • Hitch sight tunnels
  • Power steering & braking
  • Front & Rear brakes
  • Inching feature for easy hitching
  • Separate charge receptacle with auto-switching

Recommended Options

  • "Smart Charge" battery and charger
  • Front & Rear E-hitch
  • Custom paint scheme

eTT-8 Specifications

  • Drive Wheels: 2 Front / 2 Rear
  • Drawbar Pull : 8,000 lbf / 35.6 kN
  • Towing Capacity*: 100,000 lbs / 45,359 kgs
  • Service Weight with Battery: 11,000 lbs / 4,990 kgs
  • Weight without Battery: 8,125 lbs / 3,685 kgs
  • Length: 127 in / 3,226 mm
  • Width: 66 in / 1,676 mm
  • Height (deck): 39 in / 991 mm
  • Height (Steering Wheel): 43 in / 1,092 mm
  • Wheelbase: 88 in / 2,235 mm
  • Track: 52.5 in / 1,334 mm
  • Turning Radius: 125 in / 3,175 mm
  • Tires (front & rear): 8.75 x 16.5 in
  • Step Height: 11 in / 279 mm
  • Ground Clearance: 9 in / 228 mm
  • Frame: A36 steel: .375-.500 in / 9.5-12.7 mm
  • Bumper (front/rear): A36 steel: 1 in / 25 mm
  • Suspension: Leaf Spring
  • Number of Speeds: 2 forward / 2 reverse
  • Max Speed: 12 mph (unloaded) / 19 kph
  • Steering: Hydraulic power-boosted - 4-wheel coordinated
  • Primary Brakes: Electric Regenerative
  • Supplemental Brakes: Hydraulic - Pinion-mounted, dry disc
  • Parking Brake: Mechanical - pinion mounted, dry disc
* Normal Operating Conditions - Wet, 1% grade.

eTT-8 Power Train - 80V A/C Electric

  • Traction Motor: Danaher Motion - 80V A/C Brushless
  • Output @ 1300 rpm: 55 HP / 41 kW (Peak)
  • Torque: 210 ft lbs / 284 Nm
  • Lighting: 12V LED Long Life
  • Instruments: Electronic Display showing speed, battery life, hours and diagnostics
  • Hydraulic Pump: 80V D/C On-demand, sensor monitored
  • Inching Feature: Operator controlled - FWD/REV switch on front & rear

We sell parts for the eTT-8 and other items like it at our facility. Not sure exactly what part you need? Just describe it or send us a photo and we will research it for you.

A few of the common parts we offer for this item are:
• Wheels
• Hitches
• Aircraft Towbars / Heads
• Filters
• Lights
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