Tronair 06-5051-6600 Skydrol Laser Contamination Monitor - Skydrol

Tronair 06-5051-6600
Manufacturer: Tronair
Part Number: 06-5051-6600
Condition: New
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The Tronair 06-5051-6600 contamination monitor is a portable test unit used to determine solid particle contamination of hydraulic fluid during hydraulic power unit operation.

Standard Features

  • 6 particle range
  • Laser light
  • Alpha numeric note entry
  • Stores last 300 tests and downloads to computer
  • Compliant with ISO 11171
  • Report format ISO 4406-1999 and correlation to NAS 1638
  • 41 degree F (5 degree C) to 176 degree F (80 degree C) operating temperature
  • Calibration certification included
  • 6,000 psi (414 bar) pressure
  • Viscosity to 465 SUS (100 cSt) with single point sampler
  • Carrying case
  • Length: 6 in (15 cm)
  • Width: 10 in (25 cm)
  • Height: 10 in (25 cm)
  • Weight: 18 lb (8 kg)
  • Weight: 29 lb (13 kg) with case

Inline Sensor Kits (Phosphate Ester)

The inline sensor kit allows the user to monitor the cleanliness of either the hydraulic power unit or an aircraft system.

The inline sensor kit contains the inline sensor and various adaptor fittings that enable the inline sensor to be installed at the end of the hydraulic power unit return hose ahead of the aircraft quick disconnect coupling. During installation, select the proper fittings from this kit and install the inline sensor with the flow ARROW on the sensor pointed TOWARD the return hose. After the inline sensor has been installed, it need not be removed. When not in use, assure dust caps are used.

How to use the unit with in-line sensor kits?

  • Cleaning The Hydraulic Power Unit
  • During normal scheduled maintenance of your hydraulic power unit it is suggested the unit be CLEANED and tested with the contamination monitor and that the test data be maintained with the hydraulic power unit logs. Cleaning is accomplished by connecting the hydraulic power unit pressure output hose to the return hose.
  • Monitoring Aircraft Systems
  • The contamination monitor used in conjunction with the inline sensor can be used to monitor aircraft system cleanliness. The important factor here is to make sure the unit is receiving enough flow of hydraulic fluid from the aircraft throughout the four (4) minute test.
K-4387In-line sensor
K-4385In-line sensor
K-2340In-line sensor
K-4386In-line sensor
K-4388In-line sensor
K-2339In-line sensor
Shipping Information
Pkg. 1 Weight25 lbs.
Pkg. 1 Dimensions23 in. x 18 in. x 16 in.
Pkg. 1 TypeCarton
Freight Class175
Freight NMFC128000
Schedule B8413600040
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Compatible Aircraft*
AirbusA220-100 (CS100), A220-300 (CS300), A318, A319, A320, A321, A330-200, A330-300, A340-200, A340-300, A340-500, A340-600, A350, A380
Bombardier (Business)Challenger 600, Challenger 601, Challenger 604, Challenger 605 (CL605), Challenger 650, Challenger 850, Challenger 870, Challenger 890, Global 5000, Global 5500, Global 6000, Global 6500, Global 7000, Global 7500, Global 8000, Global Express, Global Express XRS
Bombardier (Regional)CRJ100, CRJ1000, CRJ200, CRJ700, CRJ705, CRJ900, CS100, CS300, Dash 7, Dash 8-100, Dash 8-200, Dash 8-300, Dash 8-400
GulfstreamG200 (Galaxy), G350, G450, G500, G550, G650, II, III, IV, IVSP, V, VSP
*This list is for general reference only and may not be entirely acurate for all aircraft. Please confirm all equipment meets the requirements of your aircraft with the owners/maintenance manuals prior to purchasing or using with your aircraft.