Aces 1015 ProBalancer Sport Vibration Analyzer Balancer

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Smartest Propeller Balancer in its Class

The ProBalancer Sport is an economical and easy-to-use answer to propeller balance that will help you keep your aircraft running smoothly.

In fact, many pilots aren’t aware they have a vibration problem until they experience:

  • avionics, radio, and indicator failure
  • frequent light bulb failures
  • structural cracks and failures
  • leaky oil coolers, cracked weldment areas
  • cracked or broken exhaust components, heat muffs
  • cracked or broken carburetor air box
  • baffle, cowl, and sheet metal cracks
  • broken or cracked engine/turbocharger mounts

Utilizing simple step-by-step screens, the ProBalancer Sport walks you through the balancing process.  Unlike other balancers in this class, the ProBalancer Sport also tells you exactly how much weight to put on which angle, taking almost all of the work out of the job.

With the ProBalancer Sport in your toolbox, you can perform regular propeller balancing to achieve smooth comfortable flight, keeping your aircraft running at peak performance.

For more than 30 years our engineers have been refining our propeller balancing algorithms making ACES Systems from PJi, the leading vibration analysis and balancing solution in the aviation market.

When you buy the ProBalancer Sport, you’re getting:

  • An easy-to-operate and simple prop balancer that automates propeller balancing tasks;
  • One-channel data acquisition for an automated balancing process that requires minimal user input;
  • Tachometer input capable of acquiring speed signals from a TTL source up to 6000 RPMs;
  • Menus available in English, French or Spanish; and
  • A balancer designed to work on virtually any aircraft.

We’ve built two kits for your consideration.  The ProBalancer Sport Basic Kit has everything you need to get started at an affordable price.  The Deluxe Kit has everything we included in the Basic Kit plus extra items to make your job even easier.

Our Support Team has worked hard to provide you with a ton of resources on our website to help you along the way.  We are also standing by to help you with any other challenges you might encounter.


•    Tachometer Inputs +/- 2 %, 300 to 6000 RPM
•    Sensor Types The analyzer will only accept the STI CP 0907003 accelerometer. The output is 10 m V per g and is preprogrammed to the ProBalancer Sport.
•    Vibration Amplitude +/- 2%
•    Frequency Range 300-6000 RPM
•    Display LCD, Contrast Adjustable, and continuous back light
•    Power Supply (Not Included) 4 NiMH rechargeable batteries. Physical Size 1 lbs and 7.5″ (8″ including connectors) Long X 1.25: Deep X 4″ Wide
•    Weight Approximately 2.0 lbs assembled
•    Operation Temperature Range -20 C to 70 C
•    Keyboard 20 button keypad consisting of 10 numeric keys and 10 function keys

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Part #Z10-100-1015
ManufacturerAces Systems
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