Aces Viper II - Fan Trim Balance Analyzer Kit

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Viper II Fan Trim Balance Analyzer Kit 

  • Transient Fan/Turbine Balance

  • Transient Vibration Survey

  • Fan Blade Mapper

  • TFE 731 Performance

The Viper II Vibration Analyzer is a versatile yet compact instrument that combines all of the diverse technologies required for high-end jet engine vibration analysis, transient balance, rotor track and balance, fan trim balance, propeller balance and acoustic analysis into one tool. All of these maintenance functions can be easily performed on virtually any airframe and/or engine type using the VIPER II.


Accurate High-Speed Run-up & Coast-Down Transient Surveys

At approximately 6.0 pounds, powered by an internal battery and using minimal cabling, the VIPER II delivers vibration analysis at speed and accuracy levels typically available only in manufacturer test cells.


Quick, Automated Track & Balance Solutions

The compact VIPER II provides accurate solutions in the minimum number of runs, saving costly run time and fuel. Setups are entered into the analyzer which can be customized by the user to accommodate virtually any engine and airframe type.


Save Time and Money by Collecting Data in a Single Sweep

Transient Balance is a method of collecting vibration data at all engine speeds during a balance run, eliminating the need to manually select and dwell at specific speeds. This is one of the most innovative features of the VIPER II, and it maximizes testing efficiency.


Vibration Input: 9.5V Pk-Pk, 0 to 240 IPS Peak with 20 mV per IPS sensor
Sensor Types: Accepts any vibration signal input (acceleration, velocity, displacement) and any voltage generating sensor.  External charge amplifier required for charge mode.
Vibration Amplitude Accuracy: ±1% across frequency range
Frequency Range: selectable up to 30kHz (1,800,000 RPM)
Tachometer Inputs: Better than 1 degree phase accuracy 60 to 60,000 RPM
Display: 7″ Day/Night Readable Color LCD Display with Superbright LED Backlight
Memory: 1 GB Flash
Dimensions: 10.5 inches wide, 9.75 inches long, 5 inches deep
Weight: Approximately 6.0 pounds (2.8 kilos)
Power Requirements: Smart Li-Ion Battery (Internal), 87 Wh
Operating Time: 8.0 hours
Charging Time: 3.0 Hours (approximately)
Vibration Channels: 4 ea.
Tach / Mag Pickup: 4 ea.
Trax Optical Tracker 1 ea.
Strobe: 1 ea.
USB Port: 2 ea.
Phase Accuracy: <1°
Balance Frequency: 60-60,000RPM,± 0.2%
Vibration Freq Range: 0-30 kHz
Vibration Amplitude: 0-240 IPS (peak), 20 mV / IPS
Dynamic Range: 98dB
Operating Temperature: -4° to 120° F (-20° to +49°C)
Relative Humidity: 10-85% (non-condensing)
AC Input: The data acquisition system is capable of measuring AC values to 9.5V Peak-Peak.
Sensor Types: The analyzer will accept any vibration signal input (acceleration, velocity, or displacement.) The input is then displayed as collected or integrated to any other vibration unit. The vibration input will accept any voltage -generating sensor
(must have external charge converter when in charge mode) and will supply power to the sensor when required. The Cobra II only accepts acceleration or velocity inputs.
Analysis Range: Anti-aliasing filters are used with a Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) to accurately transform data from the time to the frequency domain. The analyzer will perform FFT resolutions of 100, 200, 400, 800, 1600, and 3200 lines.
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Part #Z4041-FAN
ManufacturerAces Systems
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