Tronair 02A7844C0111 30 Ton Aircraft Tripod Jack with Air Pump (CE)

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The 02A7844C0111 is a 30-ton aircraft jack with an air pump installed. These larger 30-ton jacks are used with a wide range of Gulfstream, Global Express, and Boeing aircraft. PJi recommends this jack be ordered with air pumps for ease of servicing and operation for aircraft mechanics.

This aircraft jack is used with a set of 3 or 4 jacks. The air pump on the jack allows for ease of operation for the service technician to control all the jacks in the set from a single location. This will enable them to raise or lower all the jacks simultaneously. 

To use all the jacks simultaneously, PJi recommends the K-1106 (3 jack set) or a K-4220 (4 jack set) manifold assemblies to control the air pumps at the same time.

If you want the jack without air pumps, please order the 02-7844C0111

Alternate Models
02-7844-0111Previous Model Number - Without Air Pump
02-7844C0100Without Air Pump Installed (CE)
02A7844-0111Previous Model Number
General Information
Part #02A7844C0111
Shipping Information
Shipping Weight655 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions58 x 64 x 55 in.
Freight NMFC184960
Schedule B8425420000
Capacity30 tons
Closed Height46 (117) in (cm)
Fully Extended89 (226) in (cm)
Hydraulic Extension27 (69) in (cm)
Mechanical Extension16 (41) in (cm)
Single (S) or Multi (M) StageS
Weight500 (227) lb (kg)
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