WC-20 Potable Water Cart - 20 Gallon

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WC-20 Aircraft Potable Water Cart - 4 Bottle Cart
Small 20 Gallon Cart

The WC20 is a great aircraft potable water cart for small corporate flight departments to FBOs. The WC20 aircraft potable water cart allows you to service the aircraft and refill the water onboard the aircraft. The WC20 allows you to purchase 4 water jugs to provide sanitary servicing for the aircraft water.

Design Features

  • Hold up to four industry-standard five-gallon water bottles.
  • No holding tanks to clean.
  • Lowest maintenance potable water cart available.
  • Universal bottled water adapter made of stainless steel with a molded urethane seal.
  • A simple visual way to track water sales.
  • The water transfer system can be sanitized in less than five minutes.
  • 12v low amp 4.5 GPM heavy-duty water pump.
  • Commercial-duty construction and design.
  • Powder-coated finish with stainless steel hardware.
  • Standard colors: white, black, gray, blue.
  • Custom Colors available

30 Gallon Option Available

WC30 - 6 Bottle Water Cart (use 5-gallon water bottles)

Pump Information

The WC20 features one 4.5 GPM 12V pump. The 12' fill hose is clear nylon-braid-reinforced 3/4" hose. The fill coupler is a 3/4" anodized aluminum general aviation coupler, which will fit all aircraft. The coupler comes installed on the fill hose, and features a plug attached to the pump cover to prevent leaking when not in use.

Battery and Charging System

The WC20 is equipped with a 12v automotive battery. The battery charger is a 6amp 12v 3 stage automatic nontrickle. When the charger is attached to your battery and plugged into a standard 110v outlet, the red and green LED's let you know the unit is recharging and maintaining your battery. The unit is shipped with the battery disconnected. To connect the battery, look under the cover near the electrical plug under the stainless cover and attach the male and female plugs.

The battery will pump approximately 1000 gallons between charges. The pumping will become audibly weaker as the battery reaches this point. At this point, the WC20 should be plugged in until the trickle charger indicates a full charge. The trickle charger will indicate a red light for charging and both a red and green light when fully charged.

Alternate Models
WC-306 Bottle Version (30 Gallon)
WC20Alternative Model Number
General Information
Part #WC-20
Shipping Information
Shipping Weight340 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions60 x 40 x 25 in.
Freight NMFC188560
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