LC1616 Lavatory Service Cart

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Aircraft Lavatory Service Cart LC1616
16 Gallon Fill / 16 Gallon Dump Tank
Towable Small Lav Cart

Refined For Cleaner Use and Lower Maintenance Cost

The aircraft lavatory service cart LC1616 is a small compact aircraft lavatory cart for corporate flight departments and FBOs. The cart features a 16 gallon dump and a 16 gallon fill tank. This cart is manufactured by Alberth Aviation. The dump hose/connector along with fill hose/connector are standard on the unit. If you have a Lear 45/60, please request the special dump and fill connectors for the Learjet aircraft.

Design Features

  • Positive Hose Placement - All hoses have customized, secured, and sealed placement on cart to prevent dripping, odor, and damage. These features create optimum sanitary conditions and years of nonreplacement use.
  • Standardized Parts - Multi-vendor replacement parts for low maintenance cost.
  • Heavy Duty Construction - Durable welded steel frame (no open ends), stainless steel fasteners and durable powder coat finish.
  • Easily Maneuverable - Zero turning radius. 10" pneumatic tires. Front wheels lock by lifting towbar to upright position.
  • Compact Design - 22" high, 30" wide, 52" long with 32 gallon capacity.
  • Service Pumps - Heavy duty, hand operated. Fill pump: 4 strokes per gallon.
  • Fill Line Bleed Port - Drains off fill hose before disconnect from aircraft.


  • Standard colors: white, black, gray, blue
  • Custom colors available
  • Lear 45/60 Dump/Fill Coupler Kit
Alternate Models
LC1616Alternative Model Number
General Information
Part #LC-1616
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Freight NMFC188560
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