Aviation 2389 Turbine Oil - Aircraft Turbine Engine & Accessory- 5 Gallon Drum - Eastman / Air BP

Eastman 2389-55GAL
Manufacturer: Eastman
Part Number: 2389-55GAL
Condition: New
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Advanced APU performance oil.
By using Turbo Oil 2389, your airline can meet the requirements from regulatory agencies for ETOPS operations. As an advanced APU performance oil, it improves performance during cold starts and creates a more reliable operation.

Capacity: 55 Gallon Drum
Type: 2389-55GAL
* 2389 Turbine Oil Tech Sheet
*Use as reference only. Please contact Eastman for up-to-date specifications.

Eastman Turbo Oil 2389 is an advanced gas turbine lubricant that has a viscosity of 3 centistokes at 99 degree C (210 degree F) which meets or exceeds the requirements of U.S. Military Specification MIL-PRF-7808 grade 3 and incorporates a level of technology from Type II (5cSt) commercial turbine lubricants.

Product Description

Turbo Oil 2389 is a low viscosity gas turbine oil offering exceptional cold-start capability.

Many large commercial airlines use Turbo Oil 2389 in their auxiliary power units (APUs) because of the reliability it affords this equipment when starting after long, cold soaks at altitude. Turbo Oil 2389 is the only MIL-PRF-7808 grade 3 qualified oil that is fully approved in all Honeywell and Hamilton Sundstrand APUs.

Turbo Oil 2389 is formulated from synthetic base stocks and advanced technology additives to provide the combined thermal and oxidation stability properties of commercial Type II lubricants with the low-temperature fluidity characteristics of a 3-centistoke oil. It also has load-carrying ability equal to or better than other qualified MIL-PRF-7808 grade 3 oils.