02C0520C0111 - Tronair 02-0520C0111 5 Ton Tripod Jack (CE)

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Specific Part Number

The 02C0520C0111 is a specific part number of the series Tronair 02-0520C0111. For more generalized information on this item series or for more options, click here.

CofC and 8130 available at no cost
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Spring Loaded Casters (Factory Installed)
Alternate Models
02-0520-0100Previous Model Number
02-0520-0110Previous Model Number
02-0520C0110Previous Model Number (CE)
02C0520C0111Spring Loaded Casters (Factory Installed)
General Information
Part #02C0520C0111
Shipping Information
Shipping Weight150 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions25 x 21 x 25 in.
Freight NMFC184960
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