Eagle eJP-10 Towbarless Electric Aircraft Tug - Tow up to 100,000 lbs

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The new Eagle eJP-10 has the capability to move general aviation aircraft up to large business class aircraft. The dual motors and regenerative braking give you the best turning radius available for electric tugs. With the new digital display, you will now have more information and diagnostics right at your fingertips.

The eJP-10 is the first co-development and most advanced release of an electric tug between Eagle and Tronair. Powered by dual AC electric drive motors, the eJP-10 emphasizes Zero Degree Technology for an industry-leading turning capability. Aircraft operators will be able to position aircraft more precisely as the motors individually turn to reduce the space required to maneuver. The eJP-10 is invented to safely and efficiently move general aviation aircraft up to large business class jets.

The eJP-10 includes regenerative braking for controlled deceleration. This function stops unnecessarily jolting the aircraft, potentially damaging avionic equipment, and avoids extreme loading on the nose landing gear. High-level control systems combine with integrated sensors providing oversteer protection and an aircraft selection system to limit torque. The vehicle can operate as a sit-down model or enters creep mode when the steering column adjusts to a stand-up position. The automatic parking brake always engages upon stopping to maintain overall safety during operation.

CGSE is an authorized distributor for the full line of Eagle aircraft tugs. Along with helping deliver a new Eagle tug for your aircraft operation, we help after delivery. CGSE stocks spare parts along with assisting any support or service requests.

Eagle has been manufacturing the industry's most reliable and functional tow tractors for over 45 years and now produces the eJP line of towbarless tractors. Designed and built in the United States, the eJP-10 supported by factory direct service and support along with our internal CGSE service and sales staff. With a diverse product line and the greatest warranty in the industry, we pride ourselves on providing the highest level of quality and customer service. With our partnership with Eagle Tugs, we work as a team to earn our wings without ever leaving the ground.

New Upgraded Features

  • 3 year/3,000 hour warranty
  • Zero Degree turning technology
  • Zero-emission 72V AC electric drive
  • Dual drive motors
  • Regenerative braking
  • Power steering
  • Digital display with diagnostics
  • Steering position indicator
  • Oversteer protection system
  • Rear suspension
  • LED headlights


eJP-10 Digital Display


New Digital Display and Diagnostic System

The new digital dash display features the following information

  • Diagnostic and Troubleshooting Menu
  • Battery Meter with Percentage
  • Speedometer
  • Hour Meter
  • Flashing Parking Brake Indicator
  • Steering Position Gauge for Underneath Steering Tire
  • Oversteer Protection Indicator
  • Aircraft Selector Switch Position

Zero Degree Turning Technology

Industry leading for stacking hangars - Virtually no wingtip shift

Video Overview of Tug


  • Drive Wheels: 2 Front
  • *All Weather Max Tow: 100,000 lbs (45,359 kg)
  • Service Weight with Battery: 6,600 lb (2,994 kg)
  • Weight without Battery: 5,130 lb (2,327 kg)
  • Length: 209.3 in (5316 mm)
  • Width: 70 in (1778 mm)
  • Height (deck): 24.25 in (616 mm)
  • Height (steering wheel): 38.8 in (986 mm)
  • Wheelbase: 95 in (2,413 mm)
  • Cradle Lift Height: 7 in (178 mm)
  • Turning Radius: 98 in (2490 mm)
  • Steering Tires: 4 x 8 (16 in O.D.)
  • Drive Tires: 21 x 8 x 15
  • Ground Clearance: 5.4 in (137 mm)
  • Frame: A572 steel: .25-.75 (6.4-19.05 mm)
  • Suspension: Leaf spring on rear axle
  • Max Speed: 7 mph (11.3 kph) unloaded
  • Steering: Curtis Dual Drive with hydraulic steering
  • Primary Brakes: Regenerative dynamic motor braking
  • Parking Brake: Automatic activated/deactivated
  • Traction Motor: Two 13 HP AC Electric
  • Motor Output: 26 HP (56 HP Peak)
  • Lights: LED headlights, LED markers
  • Instruments: Display screen in operator panel shows battery charge, steering position, speed and diagnostic functions
  • Battery Type: Twelve - 6 volt deep cycle
  • Creep Feature: 1 MPH while standing
* Calculations assume 2% grade. Severity of Grades and Surface Conditions will affect towing capacities.

Available Options - Add-Ons

  • "Smart charging" battery system
  • Battery watering system
  • Waterproof cradle camera and display
  • Custom paint scheme
  • Aircraft adapters

3 Phase Battery Charger Options

Your 3 phase input voltage will be required at time of purchasing a new tug.

  • EC-3106-208-60 - 208V/3PH/60 HZ - 15.6 amps
  • EC-3106-240-60 - 240V/3PH/60 HZ - 13.5 amps
  • EC-3106-480-60 - 480V/3PH/60 HZ - 7.3 amps
  • EC-3106-220-50 - 220V/3PH/50 HZ
  • EC-3106-380-50 - 380V/3PH/50 HZ
  • EC-3106-415-50 - 415V/3PH/50 HZ
  • EC-3106-440-50 - 440V/3PH/50 HZ

All chargers will come with 8 ft input cord to connect your facility, no plug for your wall outlet, 8 ft output cord to the tug, and standard plug to connect to your new eJP-10. The charger weighs approximately 40 lbs.

eJP-10 in the News

  • Eagle TT-12 and Eagle eJP-10 Supports the 2018 Super Bowl at Flying Cloud Airport
  • eJP-10 is Approved for Use on Bombardier Aircraft
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