FDS40-0301 Handheld Multi Purpose Interface (HHMPI) - For FDR and CVR

FDS FDS40-0301
FDS FDS40-0301FDS FDS40-0301FDS FDS40-0301FDS FDS40-0301
Manufacturer: FDS
Part Number: FDS40-0301
Condition: New
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The FDS40-0301 HHMPI is a handheld download unit that connects directly to the world’s most popular flight recorders (FDR & CVR). It supports multiple memory devices for downloading flight data or cockpit voice data and can transfer this data via an Ethernet connection to an FTP server for analysis.

The HHMPI offers significant cost advantages by eliminating the need for costly interfaces specific to each FDR/CVR type in your fleet.

Interface Cables - Additional Add-Ons

To request pricing for additional interface cables, please visit our complete listing of cables (HHMPI FDS40-0301 Interface Cables) or contact our GSE team to request a quote. 


  • User Friendly and recognized worldwide.
  • The primary tool in the commercial aviation market for downloading FDR and CVR data from the aircraft
  • Capable of downloading all major industry FDRs and CVRs including all L3 and Honeywell Recorders.
  • Utilized by OEM’s, Militaries, MRO’s and End Users
  • HHMPI stores aircraft fleet data allowing operators to select specific tail numbers for download
  • Information is transferred to the ground station via Ethernet, WiFi, SD card, USB flash drive, Compact Flash, and PC Cards

Key Features

  • Four different FDR download options such as: (1) Download All, (2) Download Since last, (3) Download memory mark, (4) Download Time
  • Two CVR download options - CVR download All and CVR download Time
  • Capable of downloading from many different FDR's & CVR's such as L3, Honeywell, Universal & GE
  • Live Data can be viewed in Engineering units (as an option), Decimal, Binary, Octal and Hexadecimal formats at the aircraft
  • Files can be uploaded to a configured and nominated FTP server via the web interface
  • Flight data file(s) can be transferred from the Flight recorder onto downloadable storage including; USB key, Compact Flash, SD card, Internal memory or use the HHMPI as mass storage to transfer files via USB cable to a PC Hard drive
  • Wireless transfer of data through a USB Wireless dongle
  • Ethernet connection to transfer files through a local area network (LAN) as well as configure the HHMPI unit via the web interface
  • Use the HHMPI Cradle to rapidly charge the internal battery as well as transfer files seamlessly to PC (via USB) or to FTP Server (via Ethernet)
  • The HHMPI is CE & FCC certified.


Technical Specifications

  • Power: Powered by an aircraft powered recorder (28 VDC), internal battery or USB adapter power
  • Memory: Internal memory, SD card, CF card, USB flash drive or optional PCMCIA II card
  • Ethernet: Ethernet LAN port for data transmission and secure FTP file transfer
  • Web Interface: Connection for easy customization with a docking cradle

PCMCIA card reader

Allows download of flight data from Teledyne, Sagem, Thales, Honeywell, and other systems.

Wireless USB dongle 802.11g

Connects the HHMPI to a wireless network for file transfer to an FTP server.

Supported Recorders

  • L3 Communications (Fairchild/ Loral): F1000, FA2100, FA2200, FA2300, FA5000, FA5001, uQAR.
  • Lockheed: L209
  • Honeywell (Allied Signal): SSUFDR SSFDR series, SSCVR, SSCVDR, AR series, LW-CVR, LW-FDR, LW-CVFDR-717, LW-CVFDR-429, HFR5-V, HFR5-D, DVDR
  • Universal: CVFDR, FDR, CVR
  • Penny & Giles: MPFR, 91005
  • GE: VADR
  • BASE: MCR 500, SCR 500

FDR & CVR Readouts

  • Fleet operators are required to perform annual readout maintenance of FDR data to validate proper functionality
  • FDS is a leading service provider for FDR and CVR readouts performing approximately 3,500 readouts per year
    • Services provided to 500 + customers worldwide
    • Most aircraft and flight recorder types
    • Analysis services provided for annual serviceability, parameter correlation checks, incident reports, cockpit voice recorder system & intelligibility checks
  • Readout Analysts examine recorded parameters for validity /serviceability & create industry-accepted readout reports maintained in our database as well as with the fleet operators
  • FDS provides readout service agreements and provides download equipment as part of managed readout service
  • Data is sent by the operators to FDS for analysis via a web-based server

Alternate Models
COM-13694Alternative Part Number
FDS40-0104Multi Purpose Interface (MPI V3 Civil Variant)
FDS40-0331HHMPI PCMCIA Assembly
FDS40-0332Wireless Capability Option
FDS40-0373HHMPI Docking Cradle
FDS40-5102HHMPI Engineering Unit conversion software
FDS400-301Alternative Manufacturer Model Number
Shipping Information
Pkg. 1 Weight14 lbs.
Pkg. 1 Dimensions16 in. x 13 in. x 13 in.
Pkg. 1 TypeCarton
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