KGB Aviation KGB750-001 – DART – Data Acquisition Ruggedized Tool

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The DART (Data Acquisition Ruggedized Tool) is a proprietary flight data acquisition tool developed and manufactured in the USA by KGB Aviation Solutions.

DART is specifically designed for the secure, reliable transfer of data from flight data recorders (FDRs) and cockpit voice recorders (CVRs) while they are installed in the aircraft. After the data has been downloaded, the DART will automatically send the data wirelessly to a secure web portal where you can access it remotely.

How Does the DART Work?

Simply connect the DART to your FDR or CVR and download the recorded data. Once the data has been downloaded, the DART can transfer your recorded data over Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or Ethernet. DART also enables you to monitor the data from the recorder for aircraft-side troubleshooting.

Currently, the DART supports most aircraft recorders in the industry – and new recorders and additional capabilities are being added all the time. Quarterly updates are remotely pushed to all active DART devices in the field, and a simple cable is shipped to DART customers. This enables your maintenance team to continue to use the device during this process.

Having a common interface for a wide range of flight recorders allows for minimal training. The DART’s screen layouts are intuitive and efficient.

Flight Data Is Complicated – DART Makes It Easy

In designing DART, KGB Aviation sought to solve the basic concerns of customers with regard to ease of use. The DART accomplishes this goal through a number of unique capabilities:


DART is the only tool of its kind that is Wi-Fi capable. This means you can download data while at the aircraft's side and immediately transmit it to a secure cloud environment. This is a huge time saver since other tools require the downloaded data to be taken to a computer workstation to be transferred before sending it to its final destination for assessment.

Larger Screen

The first thing you might notice about this unit is the size of its screen. Much larger than alternative units, the DART's large 7" screen makes it easy for technicians to view live data from the FDR or CVR. There are several modes of live data monitoring, to make sure that any maintenance manual procedure can be followed using DART. This includes an engineering unit display which is required by several aircraft manufacturers.

Remote Assistance

DART has been specially designed for remote assistance. This allows KGB Aviation’s engineers to provide aircraft-side assistance. If the need arises for troubleshooting while a DART is in the field, KGB Aviation can offer instant technical support.

System Updates

Downtime for updates is always a challenge. In most cases, the unit must be sent back to the OEM for upgrades. With DART, the user will receive a notification that an upgrade is available, and the upgrade will be pushed to the unit at a specified time. Plus, upgrades with KGB Aviation are FREE!

DART – Simplifying Flight Data Analysis

Easy Data Access

  • Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet
  • Cellular

Secure, Safe Platform

  • Web-Based AWS
  • Secure Login
  • Instant Access

Superb Technical Support

  • Remote support available for data download assistance
  • Live data monitoring and troubleshooting for any issues that may arise

Additional Features:

  • View data in a variety of formats: decimal, hex, octal, BCD, and binary
  • Monitor up to 32 parameters
  • Encrypted data transfer
  • Wireless upgrades/updates via the internet with the maintenance program
  • Rugged military-style connectors
  • Extended Wi-Fi range with the included antenna
  • Optional docking station
  • HAZMAT-free battery for restriction-free travel
  • IP67 rated for weatherproofing

Wireless Data Access - Secure Platform    Superb Tech Support - Real Time Updates


General Information
Part #KGB750-001
ManufacturerKGB Aviation
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