JetGo 800AL-RJ 28V DC Diesel Aircraft GPU - 800 continuous / 2300 max

JetGo 800AL-RJ
JetGo 800AL-RJJetGo 800AL-RJJetGo 800AL-RJ
Manufacturer: JetGo
Part Number: 800AL-RJ
Condition: New
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The JetGo hybrid GPU is a compact unit offering impressive continuous and peak power in addition to sophisticated aircraft protection systems. The unit's lightweight and compact size lends to easy portability, The model 800AL-RJ is mission-built for the support of all Regional Turboprop and Jet airframes. This unit performs all support functions, including gate support and aircraft starting. The 800AL-RJ unit complies with performance standards established by regional airframe manufacturers including ISO 6858, addressing minimum voltage and amperage standards. These user-friendly units are the affordable answer to your mobile / ramp 28V DC power requirements.

Top Features

  • Industrial grade Kubota diesel engines with worldwide support
  • (4) 570 CCA batteries combine with an 800 amp alternator to provide clean "cool spool" starts
  • Overvoltage protection standard
  • Rapid recharging of GPU's hybrid batteries allows multiple engine starts
  • Emergency start 28V DC battery pack is available without running engine, preventing turbine "hot starts" and damage to aircraft engine
  • Compact size allows wing and fuselage clearance
  • Low profile design protects aircraft from potential collision damage
  • LED clearance lights illuminate when GPU is running
  • Fiberglass enclosure is rust and dent-proof, with marine grade UV resistant gelcoat
  • Towable, yet easy to push by hand into service position
  • Control panel and LED contactor light

Engine Specifications

  • Kubota diesel engines with E-TVCS combustion systems provide high performance at the lowest fuel consumption available
  • Model 800AL-RJ: 4 cyl, 1.5 liter turbo charged, 27.2kw (36.5hp) continuous @ 3000 rpm
  • Performance: 800 amp continuous 28V DC output with 2300+ amp starting capability*
  • *Includes generator and battery performance

Fuel Consumption

800AL-RJ: 0.8 to 1.5 US gallons per hour

Fuel - Type, Capcity, and Run Time

  • 15 US gallon capacity, corrosion resistant materials
  • 8-10 hrs of constant run time at average load
  • Fuel Grades: diesel, low sulfur diesel, Jet-A1, JP4 or JP5
  • Hybrid Battery System

    • UPG UB16600 Battery with Absorbant Glass Mat technology (4 each)
    • Capacity: 570 CCA @ 0 degrees F (per battery)

    Emission Compliance

    EPA Tier-4 and Tier EU Stage IIIA

    Engine Displays and Instruments

    • Start/stop switch
    • Alarm indicator, notes faults in any protection system
    • Low oil and low fuel protection with auto shutdown
    • Glow plug preheat system automatically engages in cold weather
    • Over-speed/under-speed protection with auto shutdown
    • Hobbs (hour) meter
    • Over-volt fault indicator
    • Fuel quantity gauge (on fuel tank)

    GPU Displays and Instruments

    • Volt and amp gauges
    • Contactor on/off switch with bright LED indicator

    Design Features

    • Fiberglass enclosure, UV resistant gelcoat
    • DC cable: MS3506 mil-spec 20 feet (6.096 m) 4/0 with aircraft standard NATO plug (optional length cables available)
    • Towbar friction activated brake system
    • Galvanized tubular steel heavy-duty towing chassis
    • External cable tray, fuel tank, fuel fill port, direct refuel gauge, and front splash guard
    • Marine grade stainless steel exterior hardware
    • Protectoseal safety fill cap with flash arrester
    • Heavy-duty wheels and road-rated tires

    Available Options

    Please request at time of quote.
    • JG550-01-009: 30' 4/0 DC GPU cable
    • JG550-01-425: Custom color option
    • JG550-01-426: Kit of 4 protective corner bumpers
    • JG550-01-428: Cold weather kit (includes engine block heater and battery warmers)
    • JG550-01-429-24V: 115V or 220V AC convenience receptacle
    • JG550-01-430: Engine block heater
    • JG550-01-432: 12V LED mounted spotlight
    • JG550-01-433: Low fuel warning strobe light
    • JB550-01-434: Dual output option
    • JG550-01-435: Laptop computer auxiliary tray
    • JG550-01-445: Breakaway 30' 4/0 DC GPU cable
    • JG550-01-446: Onboard/dedicated 12" wheel chock set
    • JG550-01-447: Flagro FV0-400 390,000 BTU/hr indirect fired oil heater (can be powered by option JG550-01-429-24V)
    • JG550-01-467: Safety cable interlock warning system


    • JetGo: 12 month manufacturer's limited warranty
    • Kubota: 2 years/2,000 hours engine limited warranty 3 year/3,000 hour engine component limited warranty
    • UPG battery: Limited 24 months manufacturer's warranty


    • Length: 121 inches (3070 mm)
    • Width: 46 inches (1168 mm)
    • Height: 46.5 inches (1181 mm)
    • Weight: 1,933 lbs (877 kg)
    Shipping Information
    Pkg. 1 Weight2430 lbs.
    Pkg. 1 Dimensions121 in. x 50 in. x 61 in.
    Pkg. 1 TypeCrate
    Freight Class92.5
    Freight NMFC133300

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