CITC-945 Cessna Citation Air Data Accessories Kit

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The CITC-945 is an air data accessory kit for the Cessna Citation aircraft to do standard and RVSM avionics testing. 

The kit contains all the equipment required to test from the source the complete pitot & static air data system on all Cessna Citation aircraft, as well as the means of pre-testing adaptors, hoses, and test set prior to being fitted to the aircraft.

Included in This Kit

  • Pitot Test Adaptor Part No. P86892-3 (3 req’d.)
  • Pitot Test Adaptor Part No. 18821-3 (3 req’d.)
  • Pre-Test Probe Part No. PT11882 (3 req’d.)
  • Static Test Adaptor Part No. 33410FFAB-125-4 (6 req’d.)
  • Static Test Adaptor Part No. 33410CIT-190-4 (6 req’d.)
  • Pitot Test Hose Assembly Part No. CITC-7270RVSM (1 req’d.)
  • Static Test Hose Assembly Part No. CITC-5160RVSM (1 req’d.)
  • Vacu-Grip Assembly Part No. 532-4900 (2 req’d.)
  • Lubricating Fluid Part No. LF5050 (1 req’d.)
  • Seal Kit - Part No. SK892
  • Seal Kit – Part No. SK821
  • Manual – Part No. 444-CITC-945
General Information
Part #CITC-945
ManufacturerNav Aids LTD
Shipping Information
Shipping Weight44 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions28 x 18 x 28 in.
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