Start Pac 2326QC 26V Aircraft Battery Pack

Start Pac 2326QC
Start Pac 2326QC
Manufacturer: Start Pac
Part Number: 2326QC
Condition: New
Warranty: 1 Year Limited Warranty - View Details
Price: $2,727.45
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The new Start Pac 2326QC has a separate removable battery that can be changed in 10 seconds. This feature allows the user to change batteries in the field without needing to send the Start Pac back to the shop or Manufacturer.

This 26 Volt unit is designed for voltage-sensitive aircraft that can not accept a true 28V external starter. This Start Pac will provide a faster and cooler engine start than most ship’s aircraft batteries, thus extending turbine life which helps to lower operating costs. The 2326QC has dual redundant chargers with a total of 7 amps output with a recharge time of approximately 2-4 hours after having been depleted from multiple engine starts.

Certain aircraft will allow the ship’s generator to back charge a GPU. In this manner, Start Pac can be recharged in the field without an AC source indefinitely.

This unit is designed for engine starting only.


  • 26 AMP hours @ 10 Hour Rate
  • 2300 AMPS Peak Current
  • Available with separate trolley
  • L19.2′′xW7.5′′xW11.5′′/L49cmxW19cmxH 29cm
  • 74 LBS. / 33.6 Kilograms Complete
  • Not to be used as an aircraft battery charger.


This Quick Change unit is an All In One air portable/carry- on START PAC jump starter with built-in chargers, power plug, and cables.

The unit has a 26VDC output, with universal chargers that will accept 90-240VAC 50/60 hertz.

NOTE: When storing the Start Pac for more than 30 days, remove the battery box from the charging unit and store separately.

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We sell parts for the 2326QC and other items like it at our facility. Not sure exactly what part you need? Just describe it or send us a photo and we will research it for you.

A few of the common parts we offer for this item are:
• Aircraft Cable
• Input Power Cable
• Trolley
• Weather Covers

We provide short-term and long-term rentals for the 2326QC. We will ship the item directly to you and arrange for pickup at the end of your lease.