Start Pac Li2800QC 28VDC Twin Pac Battery Portable Unit

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The Start Pac LI2800QC powerful portable Lithium aircraft starter unit is a full 28VDC battery Twin Pac and will provide superior starts on all electrically-started turbine engines. This versatile Twin Pac can be used as a single unit or separated for two complete Lithium units that can be easily carried on board. The Lithium twin pack has redundant chargers with a total of 14 amps output and a recharge time of approximately four hours.

This unit is designed for engine starting only.


  • 56 AMP hours @ 10-hour Rate
  • 2400 AMPS Peak Current
  • L 38.4 in x W 7.5 in x H 9.75in / 98cm x W 19cm x H 24cm
  • 120 lbs./ 55 kilos Complete
  • Not to be used as an aircraft battery charger.


The all-new patent pending Start Pac Li2800 QC Twin Pac utilizes the latest technology in Lithium batteries and lithium ground support equipment. These batteries provide the same power as the lead-acid type but are 42 percent lighter and 32 percent smaller. In addition, lithium batteries have two other major advantages:

  • Twice the battery life of lead-acid batteries
  • No sulfation problems (can be left in a discharged state without causing damage)

PLEASE NOTE: Lithium-ion batteries can be damaged by deep discharges. Do not run the batteries down below 24 volts; a spike during a start is okay. Voltages below 24 begin the damage to the batteries. At 20 volts, the batteries will be damaged beyond repair.

General Information
Part #LI2800QC-Twin
ManufacturerStart Pac
Details1 Year Limited Warranty - View Details
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