Tronair 15D7610-6000 Aircraft Cabin Pressurization Unit (CE) - 460-480 Volts / 60 Hz / 3 Phase

Tronair 15D7610-6000
Manufacturer: Tronair
Part Number: 15D7610-6000
Condition: New
Warranty: 3 Year Limited Warranty - View Details
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The Tronair 15D7610-6000 is a aircraft CPU for use on 460-680V 3 PH 60 HZ. (Other voltage options available on request).

This CPU is designed to provide a controllable air supply for the pressurization of aircraft cabin and cockpit areas for the purpose of cabin leakage testing, and/or outflow valve tests.

Adapter kits (sold separately) must be used to connect the supply hose from the CPU to the aircraft. For additional help on which adapter kits you need, please contact your CGSE team.

Standard Features

  • 50 ft (15.2 m) input power cable (plug not included)
  • 25 ft (7.6 m) 2 in (5 cm) supply hose
  • 30 ft (9.1 m) #4 cabin sense line
  • 30 ft (9.1 m) #4 door seal line
  • 3 phase, heavy duty 40 hp motor
  • Heavy duty start with solid state overload protection
  • High output belt driven blower
  • High efficiency industrial blower silencers
  • Murphy MPC20 Digital Controller/Display
  • Electronic potentiometer controlled flow
  • 35-350 scfm (26.3 lbs/min) flow capacity with 2% accuracy reading
  • 0-13.5 psig at aircraft capability with .25% accuracy pressure reading
  • Certified door seal pressure gauge 0-60 psi (0-4 bar)
  • Quiet 77.6 dBA at 3 ft (1 m)
  • Heat exchanger for controlled air delivery temperature, 100-140 degree F (38-60 degree C)
  • Air inlet filter
  • Maximum cabin pressure and rate of climb settable warnings
  • Hard rubber casters
  • Finish: Durable Powder Coat Tronair Blue


  • Electrical: 460-480V/3PH/60HZ
  • Flow Rate SCFM: 35-350
  • Rate of Climb Indicator: 0-6000 PSI (0-3,048) ft/min (cm/sec)
  • Length: 83.5 inches / 212 cm
  • Weight: 73.5 inches / 192 cm
  • Height: 71 inches / 180 cm
  • Weight: 2000 lbs / 907 kg
Compatible Aircraft*
AirbusA220-100 (CS100)
Bombardier (Business)Global 5500, Global 6500, Global 7500
DassaultFalcon 8X
*This list is for general reference only and may not be entirely acurate for all aircraft. Please confirm all equipment meets the requirements of your aircraft with the owners/maintenance manuals prior to purchasing or using with your aircraft.
Shipping Information
Pkg. 1 Weight3250 lbs.
Pkg. 1 TypeCrate
Freight Class175
Freight NMFC133300

We service the 15D7610-6000 and other items like it at our facility.

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• Complete Overhaul
• Standard Maintenance / Repair
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As an authorized Tronair Distributor, we sell factory OEM parts for the 15D7610-6000. Not sure exactly what part you need? Just describe it or send us a photo and we will research it for you if needed.

A few of the common parts we offer for this item are:
• Aircraft Adapter Kits
• Supply Hose
• Aircraft Cabin Sensor Line
• Pressure Gauge
• Cabin Pressure Gauge
• Rate of Climb Gauge
• Pressure Differential Gauge
• System Pressure Gauge
• Temperature Gauge
• Regulator
• Motor
• AC Input Cable

We provide short-term and long-term rentals for the 15D7610-6000. We will ship the item directly to you and arrange for pickup at the end of your lease.

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