Tronair 20-4523-0000 4 Bottle Tilting / Towable Oxygen Cart - With Regulator & Booster (CE)

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The Tronair 20-4523-0000 4 bottle cart with booster and regulator is designed to minimize the handling of oxygen cylinders in loading and unloading, transporting and servicing process, and to provide boosted compressed gas for an aircraft.

The high pressure regulator is for regulating booster output pressure from 15 - 2250 psi (115 bar).

The booster provides the capability of boosting remaining lower pressure oxygen from supply cylinders to the required higher aircraft system pressure; up to 2250 psig maximum. The booster system provides high regulated pressure output. The transport cart allows a single operator to load full oxygen cylinders and transport them to service the aircraft, without ever having to lift the cylinders. The unique quality of this cart is the operator never has to lift a cylinder, which can weigh between 120 and 175 lbs., onto the cart. The cart has a very narrow footprint and a tight turning radius allowing for easy maneuverability.

Consumer Requirement: This Oxygen Booster utilizes an air driven pressure amplifier, requiring 145 PSIG maximum air pressure input at 80 SCFM volume.

The cart may be used to supply either internal aircraft systems or portable aircraft bottles.


  • Height: 46 11/16 in (118.58 cm)
  • Length: 92 13/16 in (235.74 cm)
  • Width: 35 13/16 in (90.96 cm)
  • Weight: 564 lbs (256 kg)

Rotating Cylinder Loader/Un-Loader

  • Stable and efficient rotational motion guidance under variable weights, speeds and high load conditions keeping the cylinders in the correct location
  • Struts control the rotating of the cylinders from the vertical and horizontal positions
  • Accommodates cylinders 9 3⁄4 diameter, 60” tall and weighing less than 150 lbs
  • Manufactured of high strength materials to ensure the cylinders are secure
  • Makes unloading, transporting, servicing and moving the cylinders a one person operation


  • CE Marked
  • Easy, one person loading/unloading
  • Use with 9 3⁄4 diameter, 60” tall and weighing less than 150 lbs oxygen cylinders; CGA 540 connection with check valves,
  • 3000 psi max
  • Cylinders fully captured
  • Pneumatic tires/tapered wheel bearings
  • Narrow width
  • Very low profile, fits under most aircraft wings
  • Parking brake
  • Hose compartment storage tray
  • Instrument Panel
  • Powder coated heavy duty steel construction
  • Compact frame allows for a tight turning radius


  • Output Hose: 15 ft (4.6 m) long with #4 37JIC female flare swivel fitting at aircraft hook-up end
  • Output Rating: 2250 psi (155 bar) maximum
  • Minimum Supply Bottle Pressure: 250 psi (17 bar)
  • Input to Booster Pump: 80 SCFM at 150 psi (10.3 bar) maximum
  • Booster High Pressure Air Pilot: 2500 psi (172 bar)
  • Booster High Pressure Relief: 2750 psi (189.6 bar)
  • All plumbing, fittings, and components are oxygen cleaned. The unit and hoses are cleaned and packaged to avoid possible system contamination.

Temperature Range

  • 0 to 200F (17.7 to 93.3 C)
General Information
Part #20-4523-0000
Shipping Information
Shipping Weight870 lbs.
Shipping Dimensions104 x 47 x 55 in.
Freight NMFC188560
Schedule B8716390020
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