102-03101 - Barfield CT12A Digital Cable Tensiometer - Buy, Rent, or Sell

Barfield CT12A
Manufacturer: Barfield
Part Number: 102-03101
Condition: New
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Specific Part Number

The 102-03101 is a specific part number of the series Barfield CT12A. For more generalized information on this item series or for more options, click here.

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(1/16" Diameter) single cable
Alternate Models
102-03101(1/16" Diameter) single cable
102-03102(3/32" Diameter) single cable
102-03103(1/8" Diameter) single cable
102-03104(5/32" Diameter) single cable
102-03105(3/16" Diameter) single cable
102-03106(7/32" Diameter) single cable
102-03107(1/4" Diameter) single cable
102-03108(1/16" - 1/4" Diameter) multi-cable
102-03120(1/16" - 3/16" Diameter) multi-cable
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