Foxcart 2000 Aircraft 28V DC Rectifier (GPU)

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Foxcart GSEPower

  • Output Volts: 28VDC **
  • Peak DC Out: 2000 AMPS
  • Continuous DC Out: 1000 AMPS
  • Input Power Required: 208-240 Volts Peak Three Phase 100 AMPS/per phase 380-480 Volts Three Phase 70 AMPS/per phase ***
  • * Other voltages available upon request.
  • ** The above ratings are based on the point where voltage sags to 23 volts.
  • *** Required for engine starts only. 60 cycle AC input current per leg at peak load for 30 seconds maximum

Available Options

Please request at the time of quote.

  • Soft Start
  • Terrain Wheels
  • 100 ft AC Input Cable

18 Inch Riser Option

Please request this option at the time of the quote.

What is the 18 Inch Riser Kit Option?
The new 18-inch riser kit is to be fully compliant with safety regulations of the hangar environment. This well-known "18-inch rule" requires there be no electrical connection allowed within the 18-inch area above the hangar floor known as a Class 1, Division 2 area. This area is considered to be hazardous because fumes from spilled jet fuel may not yet have dispersed sufficiently to avoid ignition were an arch to occur; in this context, from a loose electrical connection within a mobile power unit (GPU or Cart). For a more thorough explanation of this ruling, one can reference Article 513 of the NEC and EN 60079-10 of the European Standard.


1 Year Factory Warranty

Alternate Models
2000Alternate Part Number
2000-50HZ50Hz Input Voltage Model - 3 Phase
2000-60HZ60HZ Input Voltage Model - 3 Phase
M2000Alternate Part Number
General Information
Part #2000
Shipping Information
Freight NMFC62900
Schedule B8504409540
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