Foxcart 1200 Single Phase Aircraft Ground Power Unit

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What is the Foxcart 1200?

The Foxcart 1200 is a single-phase power input unit and should only be considered if three-phase power is not available. It will deliver the rated DC power, but with less efficiency and regulation than the other three-phase models. It can handle starts on helicopters and other light aircraft and will greatly assist a battery start on heavier aircraft.

This unit is capable of producing 600 amps continuous for hangar / ramp use or 1200 amps max for starting.


  • Output Volts: 28VDC
  • Peak DC Out: 1200 AMPS
  • Continuous DC Out: 600 AMPS
  • Input Power Required: 208-240 Volts Single Phase 200 AMPS Service

18 Inch Riser Option

Foxcart 1200 Riser Option
Please request this option at the time of the quote.

What is the 18 Inch Riser Kit Option?
The new 18-inch riser kit is to be fully compliant with safety regulations of the hangar environment. This well-known "18-inch rule" requires there be no electrical connection allowed within the 18-inch area above the hangar floor known as a Class 1, Division 2 area. This area is considered to be hazardous because fumes from spilled jet fuel may not yet have dispersed sufficiently to avoid ignition were an arch to occur; in this context, from a loose electrical connection within a mobile power unit (GPU or Cart). For a more thorough explanation of this ruling, one can reference Article 513 of the NEC and EN 60079-10 of the European Standard.


Flextronics / Unitron warrants each new Foxcart Mark II Series to be free of defects in material and workmanship, under normal use and service for one year from date of shipment. Warranty subject to change.

You Ask. We Help. Your FAQs on the Foxcart 1200

I need a 3 phase input voltage rectifier. Will this unit work?
No, this unit is only for single-phase input voltage. You will either need a Foxcart 1600 or Foxcart 200.

Is there a plug on the input cable?
No, there is not a plug on the input cable. You will need to install the correct plug that works with your outlet in the hangar. If you need assistance in determining your plug, please ask our GSE team. 

What is the amp service for using this unit during starter assists?
Foxcarts recommends operating this unit on a 200 amp service in your facility.

What is the difference between this single phase unit and the Foxcart 1600?
The single-phase aircraft ground power units provide a less amount of amps for starting and continuous power. This single phase unit will provide 600 amps continuous and 1200 amps max for starting while the Foxcart 1600 will provide 800 amps continuous and 1600 amps max.

What is the warranty on these new units?
Flextronics provides a 1-year factory warranty on their units. Please consult the manual and your invoice for the exact warranty guidelines.

How will this unit ship?
This unit ships on a standard LTL freight carrier. The units will come fully crated from the factory or our facility. You will need a forklift to unload the crate from the truck when it is delivered. If you do not have a forklift and require a lift-gate on the truck, please advise at the time of the quote.

What kind of maintenance do I need to do on these units?
(Please consult your manual when you receive the unit for updated information)
Routine maintenance should be performed periodically. Since the wheels and fan motor are the only moving parts on the Foxcart, maintenance is kept to a minimum.

  • Oil fan motor and all other moveable parts.
  • Using compressed air and a dry cloth, clean accumulated dust, and grime from unit.
  • Perform visual inspection and tighten any loose nuts and bolts.
  • Inspect cables and plugs for cuts, cracks, or deterioration.
Alternate Models
1200Alternate Part Number
1200-50HZ50Hz Version
FC1200-1Alternative Model Number
M1200Alternate Part Number
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Part #1200
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